Libra Full Moon 2019 (#2)

April 19 7:12 AM EST

There are two full moons in Libra this year! It isn’t totally uncommon to have two full moons in one sign. It happens about once a year, since there are actually 13 lunar cycles during the 12 month calendar year. And this year Libra gets the blessing!

This tends to be good news, especially in the realm of relationships, for both Libra and their opposite sign Aries. It’s like getting a second chance at getting something right. And this is especially beneficial for both of these signs right now, since they have both been struggling with a Uranus transit for the past 8 years. Now they can re-prioritize, and re-stabilize, their relationships. Which is what this moon suggests.

The sun, at the very last degree of Aries, is still conjunct Uranus, now in Taurus. And together they are opposing the full moon in Libra, challenging the ever-diplomatic Libran energy. If there is a part of you that has been going along because you haven’t wanted to rock the boat with a certain someone or something, this full moon may push you to the point where you are no longer willing to make those compromises. This can feel like a huge load off! But it can also feel scary, and even explosive. There is no need to throw diplomacy out the window entirely, just remind yourself that there is nothing truly to be gained, from a practical or a spiritual perspective, from being a victim or ignoring your own needs and boundaries.

This point is reinforced by the sensitive and romantic Venus in Pisces forming challenging aspects with both Jupiter and the full moon: Valuing compassion and having a creative imagination is great, but ignoring reality is not.

Respite comes in the form of Mercury, now in Aries, and conjunct the healer Chiron. Mercury in Aries can speak in haste, but that may be just what we need right now to break the spell of any over-sacrificing or over-compromising tendencies. And Mercury’s union with Chiron promises that any verbal eruptions will, at least mostly, be done with an eye towards integration, and will surely will help you understand where you need more self-reflection.

Mars in dexterous Gemini is keeping everyone busy, multi-tasking like pros. But as it approaches it’s square to nebulous Neptune, be extra aware of the tendency to rush, fudge numbers, be vague, exaggerate or throw caution and reality to the wind in general. ¬†Especially since Saturn and Pluto are extremely close to one another (only 3 degrees apart in Capricorn), before they both begin retrogrades at the end of the month. They are square to the sun and moon, and keeping an extra watchful eye. This is our opportunity to demonstrate that we can be show up for ourselves, even within relationship, and we can be innovators and pioneers without being reckless or unrealistic.

artwork by @indig0