Taurus New Moon 2019

May 4, 2019 6:46 PM EST

This is a beautiful new moon for re-focusing on your top goals and priorities. The sun and moon join each other at 14 degrees on Taurus, and are beautifully supported by trines from Saturn and Pluto in their fellow earth sign of Capricorn. This will help you pace yourself and bring long term longevity and viability to the projects you work on now.

There is also quite a fiery undercurrent to this new moon. Mercury and Venus are conjunct in assertive Aries, and Mercury is also conjunct unpredictable Uranus, now in the early degrees of Taurus. So while this is a very earthy new moon, there is an underlying power of energy here focused on new beginnings and breaking the mold. If there is something you need to say or do, this is a fantastic time to do it. Just makes sure you remain grounded and focused, however innovative or original your message or goals may be.

Mars in Gemini forms a near exact opposition to Jupiter in Sagittarius. This is a lucky aspect that also endows us with the confidence and bravado to take on whatever comes out way. And since Gemini is the sign of multiplicity, we may have a lot on our plate, or in our creative imagination. In the coming months we will have a number of planets pass through this opposition with Jupiter, bringing us all some increased confidence and enthusiasm. But with the Jupiter Neptune square still very much in effect, each planet that opposes Jupiter will also square off with Neptune. The challenge here is to not let the sway of fantasy or illusion tempt us away from the rewards we can get with solid dedication and hard work.

*(Artist unknown)