Sagittarius Full Moon 2019

June 17, 2019 4:31 AM EST

This is a highly powerful and unusual full moon. The moon itself, at 25 degrees of Sagittarius, is conjunct its own ruler, abundant Jupiter at 18 degrees of that sign. Only once every 12 years, if not more, is there a full moon in Sagittarius, conjunct Jupiter, so this amplifies it’s importance and meaning. Sagittarius is associated with all topics related to international affairs (both personal and professional), law, publishing, higher education, and religion. In the internet age we are more and more a part of the ‘global village’ and this full moon emphasizes the deep, and often emotional (moon), impact we all have on one another, even through our digital devices.

With the sun still in curious and versatile Gemini, this is a social time, encouraging meeting new people and getting out of the same old routine, whatever that means for you. Jupiter wants us to explore what is beyond the known, so if your curiosity is calling to you about something or someone, heed the call.

This is especially so since both Mars and Mercury are in the middle degrees of Cancer, conjunct the north node, and tightly opposed to the south node, Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn. This is serious foreshadowing for eclipse season in July when the sun, and then Venus, will be caught in the Cancer/Capricorn crosshairs. The big story of 2019/2020 is the massive cultural and personal revisions stemming from unprecedented conjunctions and eclipses in Cancer/Capricorn that force us to re-evaluate our stability, especially our emotional stability (Cancer), and our service (Capricorn). We are each being asked to become more authentic in the world, and to fulfill our role to the community. Not our societal/class/pre-approved role, as those are crumbling away. But rather our soul path role, that speaks to us from deep inside, and is our way to meaningfully participate in and help to heal the collective (Capricorn). It looks different for everyone! But we can access it through our deep inner knowing (Cancer).

So this full moon is an invitation to get ahead of the curve before eclipse season and take strides in whatever direction feels most authentic for you. Jupiter doesn’t want us to play small- it is the planet of expansion. So set a big goal and dream right now and trust that if it’s coming from the heart you are supported. Nebulous and spiritual Neptune remains in Pisces, challenging the Gemini and Sagittarius planets, so the caution is to stay grounded and practical. If you are doing so, then Neptune can cast its blessings your way and provide added inspiration, and sometimes downright magic, into the mix.

*(Artist unknown)