Aquarius Full Moon 2019

August 15 8:29 AM EST

This is undoubtedly one of the most romantic full moon of the year, which should put a smile on just about everyones face. The cosmic lovers, sensual Venus and passionate Mars, are traveling together now through the zodiac, and are united in late Leo, conjunct the sun and opposite the moon. Though they will not unite for their exact conjunction until the 24th (at which point they will be at 3 degrees of Virgo), this is the only full moon of the year which features them aligned to the sun & moon. And since full moons in general are associated with relationships, that makes it a very special and emphasized focus during this one.

Much clarity has arrived over the past several months, with a slew of planets in retrograde and July’s potent eclipse season. It is now time to consolidate our focus and our efforts and proceed accordingly. The sun has to do with our clear focus and authenticity, and now that it is united with Venus (our loves and values), and Mars (our determination and guts), we are poised to put our money where our mouth is, so to speak. It’s time to clear the distractions and allow all of our personal resources and motivations coalesce around what is important to us.

And if we do this, we will be rewarded in the best way possible – we will be united with the people who truly share our values and priorities. Aquarius is the sign of collectives who are united around a mutual interest or focus. What could be better than when we show who we truly are (Leo) and it allows us to connect with those who totally get it and feel the same way (Aquarius). This is an exalted type of relationship that fosters both individuality and the needs of the collective, and that is the invitation of this full moon.

The moon is at 22 degrees of Aquarius, and its only aspects are the highlighted oppositions to the Leo planets. The sun is at 22 degrees of Leo, exactly conjunct Venus in the same degree, and tied to Mars at 28 Leo. Mercury also is in Leo, but at 4 degrees, is far enough away to be out of aspect. Mercury is, however, squaring Uranus, reminding us that the empowered authenticity we strive for this month, may come at the cost of having some uncomfortable or delicate conversations. Don’t worry too much about upsetting the apple cart, but strive not to be unnecessarily inflammatory.

The Leo planets are well aspected- in trine- to Jupiter in Sagittarius, which is still exalted and stationing at the time of the full moon, making it very powerful. It is another voice in the chorus reminding us- “If not now- When?”. With Jupiter, ‘the greater benefic’- known as the good luck planet- is so strong, and Venus, ‘the lesser benefic’ also highly emphasized in this lunation, we can feel the positive energy radiating our way now. It’s as if we are being rewarded for the courageous, and sometimes challenging, decisions we have been making over the past few months.

Bringing our authentic selves, with love, into any and all relationships this month, without seeking attention or approval, can yield us wonderful and affirming results. And its possible Cupid could even take a break from summer vacation to find and unite some special souls, who share a common purpose, this month.

*Art by Anette von Stahl