Full Moon in Pisces 2019

September 14 12:33 AM EST

This is a truly special and romantic full moon, as long as we have a firm sense of what is reality and what is fantasy. The full moon at 21 degrees is in Pisces, tightly conjunct the ruler of Pisces, mysterious and spiritual Neptune at 17 degrees. This is quite rare. What makes it even more rare is that the sun, at 21 degrees of Virgo, is also conjunct Mars at exactly 17 degrees of Virgo. This is a doubly-whammy opposition.

The flavor of any Virgo/Pisces full moon is to remind us that we can most whole-y merge with the others/the Universe/God/Divine will (Pisces) when we are integrated and nourished individually within ourselves (Virgo). The moon in Pisces gives us this desire and impulse, and the sun in Virgo helps us see how we can tweak and improve our lifestyle so that our moments of surrender and joy are even more nourishing and ecstatic.

What the exact Mars/Neptune opposition, which sidles up so closely to this full moon, tells us is that it is not enough to just dream, we must act. We must act on our instincts, our intuition, our wild bursts of creativity and insight- not just to make art, or execute our external dreams, but in making those subtle internal adjustments that our inner divine is constantly whispering in our ear. Mars (the planet of action) must carry out the instructions of Neptune (divine knowing and inspiration).

This is no easy feat. Not least of all because we often in our modern culture have conditioned ourselves to silence that voice, perhaps in favor of more ‘pragmatic’ concerns. Mars in Virgo wants to focus on what is achievable, and ‘fixable’ now- not airy fairy dreams and intuitions. It’s also a tall order because we often confuse ourselves about the exact nature of those dreams and intuitions in the first place. Neptune and Pisces are both nebulous and mysterious energies which require subtle attunement.

Helping us in our tasking of recognizing, deciphering and translating this divine messages this month is the (also exact) conjunction on Venus and Mercury, at a critical degree, 29 Virgo. Critical degrees are 29 or 0 degrees of a sign because they represent transition points. For Mercury and Venus to be snugly together (also conjunct the sun in Virgo, and opposing the full moon), is a message that we can rely on our hearts true desires (Venus) to communicate loudly with us now (Mercury). More than merely passing whimsy, our desires are actually a gateway to our soul’s joy- and this comes to us through Venus. Go in the direction of our joy this full moon says! That is truly the most ‘spiritual’ thing we can do. And left brain Mercury helps us to understand and communicate those insights in ways that makes sense to us in the ‘real world’.

We are highly supported now in finding these insights, about ourselves- our joys, our passions, our deepest inner intuitions- and following through on them. The splay of planets in Virgo and Pisces is in supreme harmony with the nodes of the moon- the south node currently at 15 degrees Capricorn, and the north node at 15 degrees Cancer. Representing our karmic past and future, the nodes in supportive aspect here, are lovingly nudging us closer to not just recognizing what we truly desire, but helping us take the small steps (Virgo) to make that a reality in our lives.

The caution comes from Jupiter in Sagittarius, now moving swiftly directly at 16 degrees, in a strong T square to the Virgo / Pisces planets. This can exacerbate Neptune’s already dreamy and sometimes ungrounded sense of what is real and important. Our dreams, desires and intuitions ARE real and important. But when we delude ourselves, or try to let or conscious mind influence this mysterious part of ourselves, we can become easily confused, misled and apathetic. Jupiter thrives on grandiosity and the realm of possibility. At its highest level, this can help us to break the glass ceiling with what we even ever thought was possible for ourselves. Just be aware that if you start feeling ungrounded or like your new vision truly does not make sense to those around you, you may be trapped in a Jupiter/Neptune illusion. The Mercury Venus conjunction is showing us that these insights will feel clear in our mind (Mercury) and rooted and vibrant in our bodies (Venus).

As always, a Neptune influenced Pisces full moon is a magical time for prayer, meditation and creative breakthroughs. The desire for dissolution and wild abandon can also be cathartic and inspiring, in moderation of course. Enjoy this magical opportunity to take tangible grasp of your dreams and bring them down to earth!

*  Art by Danielle Noel