New Moon in Libra 2019

September 28, 2019 2:26 PM EST

This is a rather fascinating new moon, whose minor aspects are as telling and interesting as its major ones.

* A brief astrology side note to begin: the major aspects are conjunction, opposition, sextile, square and trine. These are the most significant, and normally the ones who speak the loudest in any chart. There are several minor aspect but the most prominent minor aspect is a quincunx (also known as inconjunct) which is a 150 degree aspect. With quinqunxes I work with very tight orbs (within 1.5 degrees) otherwise the aspect is not very influential. But there are two very tight, and revealing, quinqunxes in this chart, to be discussed below *

Libra is the sign of relationships in astrology, that all important and sometimes all encompassing area for many of us. Love relationships, work partnerships, client relations, social acquaintances- all fall under the realm of breezy and bright Libra. At its highest vibration, Libra looks for balance, fairness, and the qualities that unite us all in peace, diplomacy, justice and harmony. In it’s lowest vibration, Libra is socially preoccupied, superficial, blase, wishy-washy, judgmental and noncommittal.

Are we united with others? Or fragmented from them? How can we tell? How do we want things to be different in this area of our lives?

The new moon has much to say on this topic. The new moon falls at 5 degrees of Libra. The sun and moon are loosely conjunct forceful Mars, the planet of action, at 26 degrees of Virgo. This is an interesting aspect because it adds a degree of urgency to the matters at hand. Mars wants us to move, to take action. So in all matters concerning love and relationships we may feel rather pushy and impatient at the moment, which is is part of the tension of this new moon- it wants us to get on with it, to move on into new territory in our existing relationships, to end certain relationships or start new relationships, but we are being confronted with our internal sense of discomfort about the very nature of change, progress, and evolution.

The closest aspect of the new moon is an exact quincunx with Uranus at 5 degrees of Taurus. Uranus is the planet of revolution, of the future. For this reason we often associate Uranus with ‘unexpected events’. It brings us to our next stage of development, even when parts of us are scared, fearful and clinging to the past. It is not always comfortable. And the quincunx aspect itself represent discomfort, that grating, intangible, resistant kind of discomfort that is hard to pinpoint (in contrast to the discomfort of the square aspect which can be overt and urgent).

With the new moon in exact quincunx to Uranus, we are being asked to address the roots of this discomfort. What is it really that is holding us back? What kind of relationships do we want- really? And what actions is Mars prompting us to take that feel so uncomfortable?

The answers to these questions are not so easy or obvious. In fact they may be deeply rooted, buried even, in our karmic past, in the loves and relationships we have had over lifetimes and how they have shifted and shaped our expectations, our behaviors and our desires. Now is the time to dig them up.

Venus, the ruler of Libra, and hence the ruler of the new moon, stands at 17 degrees Libra. Close, but out of conjunction range of the new moon. Venus is, however, making extremely strong and important aspects.

She is square to the nodes of the moon at 13 degrees of Cancer/Capricorn, Saturn at 13 degrees of Capricorn, and Pluto at 20 degrees of Capricorn. And earlier on the same day as the new moon, the south node and Saturn united in a conjunction (An aspect that happens only every 30 years). This is highly significant, given that Saturn is the planet of karma and the south node is associated with our past. The fact that they are both square Venus, shows that we are at a turning point within our own love nature. We have a chance now to shed the past, to release love patterns and programming that keeps us isolated or re-creating toxic situations. That is if we are willing to wade into the discomfort these revelations may bring up.

Venus is also forming a quincunx to spiritual Neptune at 16 degrees of Pisces. The flavor of this quinqunx is as nebulous and mysterious as Neptune itself. But the discomfort it is bringing to Venus has more to do with uncovering the potential despair and existential isolation that may be at the root of some of our beliefs, and problems, when you get right down to it. Saturn and Pluto in square aspect are bringing up our actions, our motivations, and the consequences they have wrought. Neptune is diving deeper, is touching us at our very soul. Are we willing to love ourselves? All of ourselves? Are we willing to love other people? All other people? In nonjudgment? Just the way they are? We can say YES to this, in each moment, and transform our experience. Or we can continue to struggle. In some sense, it’s that simple.

The moon’s opposition to the wounded healer asteroid, Chiron, underscores and highlights these points as well. Healing is our opportunity and our emphasis, and we must take the opening and run with it. Communication-loving Mercury is an ally in this new moon, just as it was in the last full moon, helping us to make conscious sense of all of these deep waters, and crusty buried wounds. Mercury at 23 degrees of Libra is conjunct Venus, helping us ‘talk it all out’. That’s a good idea right now, with a trusted friend or confidant- Libra, after all, thrives with others. So lean on the people you love and trust to share what’s coming up for you in the next 28 days. The clarity and catharsis you receive could be some of the most significant and pivotal of your life. It just may shift you from the relationship status quo you have been experiencing, into the relationship energetic you want to be experiencing.


*Artwork- UNBROKEN/ “Broken But Together” by Michael Benisty, Burning Man 2019