New Moon in Sagittarius 2019


November 26 10:06 AM EST

The new moon in generous, optimistic Sagittarius sends us some mixed messages this year. But perhaps that is to be expected on the heels of an intense Mercury retrograde in Scorpio, which we are still in the shadow of. The new moon falls at 4 degrees of Sag, and the lunation’s ruler, growth-oriented Jupiter, is in its swan song final days of its yearlong pass through Sagittarius. At 28 degress Sag, Jupiter is giving us this final lunar month to make use of its undiluted visionary and expansive prowess. Though Jupiter moves into conservative Capricorn shortly after the new moon, on December 2nd, it is functioning in a kind of cusp role this month, blending both Sagittarian and Capricornian energies, which in it’s most high vibration sense should give us some indicators of how best to merge these two dynamics- a skill which can serve us greatly in the year ahead. This is echoed further by the close ‘out of sign’ conjunction between Jupiter and Venus, now at 0 degrees of Capricorn.

Jupiter in Sagittarius wants us to keep envisioning and imagining our bright future, but Venus in Capricorn is a soft, yet stern, reminder to understand our true assets and objectives, and prioritize accordingly. Capricorn is about efficiency, and our growth needs to be efficiency and value-minded in order to build us the solid foundation we desire. Sagittarius is also the sign of the archer, and as we point our arrow towards the destiny we desire at this new moon, we must demonstrate Capricornian focus and skillful execution to get the results we want. Sagittarius likes to keep their options open, but we must know where we are going in order to arrive there.

The new moon itself is making only one major aspect- a tight trine to healer Chiron at 1 degree of Aries. We have been in a period of rapid change recently, and ideally all of this change is in service to healing and re-vitalizing our healthy sense of self and identity. Aries is all about our personal sense of will and purpose, and we are in a process of re-claiming that, in a way that is empowered without being selfish or short-sighted. This should also be at the forefront of our minds as we continue to tweak and refine our vision for the future.

Sagittarius is also connected to travel and communications so there may be significant news, possibly even from overseas, this month that impacts us on both a collective and personal level. With Mercury and Mars still in determined, and calculating, Scorpio it is advisable to take our time processing information before responding. Mercury in a nearly exact trine to intuitive Neptune should give us a magic touch with communicating effectively if we can be patient and sensitive with our delivery.  This is especially true since Neptune is exalted, having just come out of a five month retrograde. We are very sensitive to what is unspoken now: we can, and should, trust the impressions we get.

The new moon is in awkward quincunx to rebel planet Uranus. Again, we need to balance our impulse to make changes and look to the future, with some old fashioned common sense and reliance on our intuition. But with Uranus still in a near exact opposition to Mars, this may be easier said than done. Mars opposite Uranus can give us the urge to burn bridges, with people or plans that we feel may be getting in our way or simply not fully supporting us. With the opposition straddling the intense and stubborn signs of Taurus and Scorpio, bridges burned now may not be so easy to repair, so think twice before making major moves that could undermine your support system or larger financial interests.

Overall, this new moon is a bit of a precursor to what is on the horizon for us in December and 2020 at large- some discomfort, but also excitement, as we straddle the old and the new. Knowing what to keep and what to let go of, trusting ourselves to know the difference, having big faith in our vision while being pragmatic as we take the necessary steps, are all part of the package. And when we give our best effort, Chiron in Aries rewards us with genuine confidence and courage to meet the unknown in its many forms. We are up to the challenge!