New Moon In Cancer #2

July 20 1:33 PM EST

Every once and a while we have two new moons consecutively in the same sign. This is neither an ultra-rare occurrence, nor an insignificant one. What it does is highlight the themes of that particular sign as being very important for the collective during that year. {*It also indicates it will be an important year for people whose sun sign (or rising sign) is that sign.}

In 2020 we hardly need more reminders that the themes of Cancer are important! We have already had two eclipses in this sign (on January 10th and June 21st) and a string of combustible aspects (including the Saturn/Pluto conjunction) in Cancer’s opposite sign of Capricorn. Rounding out this mega-amped up energy, we have warrior Mars in Aries for the entire 2nd half of the year, squaring and triggering Cancer.

Cancer is related to home and family, both in a literal and metaphoric sense. Clearly, our personal homes and domestic setup has taken on added importance for each of us during the era of shelter-in-place. Many of us have been forced to take a fresh look at our personal lives and the brick-and-mortar structures that surround us to see if they are nourishing us as optimally as we would like. Many are moving and reassessing.

On a macro level, Cancer has to do with ‘our tribe’, ‘our clan’, even ‘our country’. Seeds of division and drama have also been sprouting up in 2020. While Capricorn rules governments and ‘big business’ and we have seen the beginnings of epic shifts in some of these areas this year, Cancer shows us how these Capricornian top-down policies IMPACT us PERSONALLY. This has led us as a culture to address systemic racism and inequality that undermine our capacity to feel safe and supported as people and as a culture.

This 2nd Cancerian new moon of 2020 gives us a 2nd chance, a 2nd shot, to imagine what life COULD be like if “things” were different. That is after-all what 2nd chances are all about..

We have uncovered some major issues that need to be seen and reconciled. It is necessary to address inequality, racially economically and otherwise, in a tangible and thoughtful way. It is also necessary to get in touch with our FEELINGS (Cancer rules the emotions) and IMAGINE how things could be better, what our “best case scenario” would be for how we want to FEEL and EXPERIENCE our lives personally and collectively.

If we merely dwell in the drama or the grievances, then we miss this ripe opportunity to work with the fertile, un-molded clay of this time, to create something new and empowering, an updated zeitgeist and culture, that FEELS good, just, equitable, harmonious and supportive.

We are encouraged to do that for the next 28 days of this lunar cycle- to be the dreamer.

We are supported in this task by the new moons’ opposition to Saturn, Jupiter and Pluto all retrograde in late Capricorn. This is the old crumbling and falling away. What shall we discard from the heap? What shall we keep and repurpose? What shall we hold up to the light for healing? How can we use these transformative energies to catapult us to the best possible future?

While embracing the role of the dreamer is important, we must also be the REALISTIC dreamer. The one who is guided by a clear sense of what works and what doesn’t work, born of history and experience. The exact opposition of the new moon at 28 degrees Cancer, to Saturn Rx at 28 degrees Capricorn reminds us of this. Saturn is helping us see the writing on the wall, so that we don’t make the same old mistakes. Cancer can be myopic, and at times only sees what it wants to see. Saturn Rx in Capricorn is broadcasting certain realities in the harsh light of day, so that we may know truly what we are ‘working with’.

Saturn is also reminding us of our own gifts, tools and assets. It would be wise now to take an inventory of our personal strengths and resolve to honor and highlight them. Like the old “put on your safety mask before you help others” truism, now is the time to figure out how we personally thrive, so we can be as strong as we can for ourselves and our communities.

Barely 48 hours after the new moon, the sun moves into Leo. So the vast majority of this lunar month will be during Leo season, despite the fact that it will be ruled by the Cancer new moon. This emphasizes the strong creative dreamer theme. Leo is courageous, and willing to step forward and put their heart on the line for what they care about. They dream big and go for what they want. It’s time for all of us to seek clarity about how we FEEL about things (Cancer) so that we can truly creatively envision and co-create (Leo) the future outcomes we want, using the tools gifts and practical realities (Saturn in Capricorn) that are on the table in front of us now.

Venus and Mars are both blazing forward, in close sextile to each other, at 15 degrees Gemini and 12 degrees Aries, respectively. These are both visionary pioneering signs, helping us to see things differently, and be unafraid to take risks and embrace the new. As it has been all year, Neptune in mid/late Pisces is an ally in turning up the volume on our sense of spiritual connection to ourselves and each other. Neptune is trine to this new moon, helping us to better hear the voice of our true feelings, our soul needs, and our intuition.

Mercury in Cancer has recently come out of its 3 week retrograde in that sign. If miscommunications were proving frustrating to ourselves, and others, we have better access to sharing our feelings and speaking from the heart now. But we must be mindful not to take things too personally, or give in to feeling ‘triggered’ too easily- which may be a constant temptation with Mercury square to aggressive Mars.

As summer heat spreads across the Northern hemisphere, it encourages our hearts to open, and for us to honor and celebrate the simple sacred pleasures of everyday life and beauty. Leo rules our inner child.

And it is our inner child who is our best dreamer. Our sacred inner child is not fearful or frightened of speaking up for what they want or need, nor are they conditioned by culture about what those things ‘should’ be. Our sacred inner child is not jaded, hostile or pessimistic. Our sacred inner child sees the best in others, and imagines the best for themselves, if only in the immediate short term. The next right step. It’s more important than ever to remember that we co-create our future with spirit/divine/God/source, and that we must make the highest offerings we can make emotionally and energetically towards envisioning our new future. After all, “we can only claim what we first recognize as a possibility” (Paul Selig). That is what we are all encouraged to do now, dig as deep as we can into our highest dreams and possibilities, that it may lead us to an ever-improving and better vision for the future

*Art by @hheinge