Full Moon in Pisces 2020

September 2 1:22 AM EST

This is a subtle, but supportive, full moon that encourages us to recognize and accept the realities that our instincts and intuition have been presenting to us. Neptune, the spiritual planet of oneness and psychic insight, has been an ally throughout the period of growth and transformation we have all been facing in 2020. Neptune has been coaxing us towards listening to our inner wisdom as the ground shifts below us. And it is prominently placed during this lunation- conjunct the full moon- thus exerting a heavy influence for the next several weeks.

Practical and financial realities are changing, in our personal lives as well as in the world at large. Venus, the planet of love and money, is at 25 degrees of Cancer in exact opposition to realistic Saturn at 25 degrees of Capricorn. We have each seen our financial commitments and parameters shift during the past six months, not least of all because Venus itself moved into one of its rare retrogrades between mid-May and late June. Now we are coming face-to-face with “the bottom line”.

This is a good time to listen to the whispers of our higher self (Neptune) as it leads us to making decisions that support our personal values (Venus) over the long-term (Saturn). This is not a time for hasty or rash decision making, which unfortunately is something that lower-vibrational Neptune can encourage. That get rich quick scheme?! Wishy-washy Neptune say Hell Yes during this full moon. But listen more closely. Are those subtle urgings coming from your higher self, or are they the voice of fear masquerading as ‘prudence’ or ‘shrewdness’?

That is the line we will have to walk during this full moon as we navigate decisions that can have a major impact on our careers, our homes, our bank accounts, and the larger course of our lives. While Saturn does encourage realism and pragmatism, it is not necessarily harsh or anxiety inducing. If we feel wracked with uncertainty, it is a sure sign that Neptune and Saturn are out of balance and we should take a pause before we act. Trust that if you ask for help, guidance, insight, and knowing about the matters at hand, they will start to become more clear to you. Communications oriented Mercury at 24 Virgo is opposing Neptune, facilitating the flow of information even more prominently. This can make it challenging to get a straight answer out of other people, but at least our inner wisdom is communicating with us loudly.

When we tap into our hearts, we can get information and answers now- powerful answers- they just might not be the ones we want to hear. Pisces is after all the most psychic of all the signs. If we want to know what steps to take next, this full moon is the time to ask. But again, just double check that the voice responding is not actually that of nebulous Neptune’s shadow side of ‘wishful thinking’.

Another reason we may feel perplexed or uncertain about where this guidance is coming from, or how best to act on it, is because assertive Mars is about to station to go retrograde on September 9th. Initial attempts at course-correction may feel clumsy or even wrong-minded thanks to Mars retrograde’s possibly chaotic undertones. But it’s important not to be fooled or swayed by external drama or noise. In fact, this bump in the road could turn out to be a somewhat predictable hurdle that we must overcome in order to claim our rightful, chosen, corrected path. The drama may thus have the effect of strengthening certainty, commitment and resolve after an initial period of confusion.

The sun at 10 degrees of Virgo is forming a very positive grand trine with Uranus at 10 degrees of Taurus and Jupiter at 17 degrees Capricorn. Our self-trust in our own unique path and purpose, and the small action steps we are taking to get there each day, are truly all that is required of us now to be elevated- catapulted even- to the next step on our journey. Especially if we make it a priority to listen to the full moon and Neptune’s whispers for adjustment and course-correction, and take action on them.

*Art by @jenny.baumert