Venus Retrograde in Gemini 2020

May 13 – June 25

The planet of love, beauty, money and the divine overseer of magnetic attraction, Venus, only goes retrograde every 18 months. The last time she was retrograde was in November 2018. A lot has changed since then. We have changed since then. And Venus is here now, beginning her 6 week retrograde period, to help us integrate those changes.

Venus retrogrades are considered highly potent times when we can gain a new understanding of ourselves and our values. There can be an impulse, akin to the energy that surrounds Mercury retrograde, to fear Venus retrograde and worry that “things will go wrong” during this time. While it is true that we may have to consider choices and decisions more carefully, it is only because more “big ticket” items are coming up. When we make important decisions, they are a reflection of our values and priorities, and this is what Venus, and Venus retrograde, wants to highlight for us, so that we can see whether we are truly ‘walking our talk’ when it comes to what we truly desire and want to manifest in our lives.

Venus is the great manifestor, along with Saturn. Saturn oversees the divine Law of Attraction, the impartial energetic exchange, which governs life in this 3D reality. Venus, on the other hand, has to do with the MECHANISMS through which we attract (and receive): through our 5 senses, our pleasures, our desires- those are the energetic beacons which emanate from us to draw in new experiences that we are wanting.

The catch is that we may not have the self-worth to believe that we deserve the things that we desire- Venus also rules our self-love, self-value, and self-worth. So when we have low self-worth those beams of attraction become diminished or scrambled. AND OR, the energetic alignments become scrambled when they get back to Saturn’s realm (and the return side of our energetic alignment) if we have subconscious Saturnian beliefs that we “should” not desire that, or it is “not allowed”. Then we block ourselves from receiving what we want.

It is highly significant that Saturn begins its annual retrograde merely TWO DAYS before Venus goes retrograde. I see this as a great benefit, that the two planets are working together in concert in 2020 to help us recognize and adjust how we may be messing with our own abilities to manifest. And they are taking us all the way back to the root of the issue- the IDEAS/BELIEFS/LANGUAGE that swim through our conscious and unconscious mind- that permeate (and sometimes pollute) our internal capacity to see ourselves, our world, and each other clearly. This is because both retrogrades are taking place in AIR signs- Venus is going retrograde in Gemini, and Saturn in Aquarius. This will also help us ‘sort out’ the arena where much of our manifesting takes place: our relationships.

Gemini is associated with ideas, information, elementary education, news and news sources, our neighborhoods, the characters in our local communities, neighbors, transportation systems, local businesses, writing and correspondences, books, information sharing platforms, and technology specifically related to connecting and sharing. We can clearly see that this list includes many of the area that have been most dramatically impacted by the recent lifestyle changes that have come from the precautionary measures taken to thwart the spread of COVID-19.

This may also seem like an unusually broad and eclectic list of associations (two words that are themselves very Geminian). But there is a common theme. When we consider what life was like for our ancestors, both from the distant and the recent past, a more cohesive version of Gemini emerges: lives were limited to local neighborhoods and communities, we learned more or less exclusively what they taught us which were the common ideas or trade skills in the area, and we interacted primarily with those in our neighborhood. These themes continue on today, except that the Gemini world has been enlarged massively in the past several decade by news sources and ideas becoming more widely available via the internet and other connective technologies. We could say that technology itself is ruled by Aquarius (the sign where Saturn will begin its retrograde) but SOCIAL MEDIA, and online “news”,¬† is associated with Gemini.

While many people have put forth interesting ideas about the impact that the internet and social media has had on humanity, that is beyond the scope of this article. Instead, it is important to note how our choice of information that we expose ourselves to has become in some ways self-selecting over the past several decades. Again, instead of exclusively getting our news from the local newspaper or village gossip, we have any number of choices about what we consume which greatly influences the ‘facts’ and ideologies that we metabolize.

These are MAJOR themes collectively and globally for the next 2 years now that the nodes have moved into Gemini and Sagittarius (see article here). And in many ways this Venus retrograde in Gemini “kicks off the party”. There will be an eruption in the coming years of what I can only describe as ‘ideological warfare’. I do not necessarily think this is a bad thing. If anything I think it is a natural progression of the past several years when many have seen that the ‘dominant paradigm’ is lacking in substance, if not deeply ‘wrong’ on many levels. For example, that paradigm eschews that a “growth at all cost” neo-capitalist mentality is the ‘the best’ for our culture and our economy. More and more people seriously doubt this narrative. So what is to replace it ?

That is what this upcoming 18 month cycle is all about. But first we have to take a long hard look at ourselves personally, and see which ideas/belief systems/news sources we have been allowing to take up space in our consciousness, and what that truly means for us. That is what this 40 day Venus retrograde cycle is all about. How have our ideas about who we are and who others are impacted our self-worth, and what we are wanting to manifest and create in our lives?

A “social media influencer”/ “reality tv star” is a perfect archetype to consider when we think of Venus retrograde in Gemini. This person is likely a stranger, but is now part of our virtual community (Gemini) because we have invited them into daily lives (Gemini) through our feed on Instagram or whichever other platform we enjoy. Their business is being beautiful and desirable (Venus), which they make money from (Venus) by selling the products/services that they promote. They do a variety of different things or travel to a variety of different locations (Gemini) in beautiful outfits (Venus) that we can follow along vicariously from the monotony of our own lives. While I am not making any judgements about social media influencers as people, I do believe that this trend (while totally organic to the growth of online technology) has damaged people’s value systems. Like high fashion magazines before them- it has created a standard or beauty and wealth (Venus), and/or geographic mobility (Gemini), that is impossible to live up to. This crushes people sense of self-worth (Venus), which through a nifty little psychological manipulation trick (Pluto), actually makes them MORE likely to spend money (Venus) on the products or services they believe will make them feel better and alleviate their sense of inferiority.

This is basically the formula that big business, fashion, magazines, the cosmetics industry and Hollywood has been running on for the past several decades. Its ally has been Neptune, the planet of illusion. So what if that social media influencer is a terrible person ? We don’t care, we don’t need to actually interact with her. So what if these media power players are abusive tyrants? We like the super pretty and shiny movies and magazines they produce. Neptune has cast a magical veil, and allowed us to peak behind the curtain sparingly, giving us just enough glimpses of this rarified breed of influence/celebrity to make us want to be just like them- and are are willing to spend on it.

Except that now Neptune is working its other magic: while it can cast a veil of desirable illusion, it can also make all it encounters, that is not based in truth and love, dissolve and crumble. So here we are, mere months into COVID, and already celebrities have lost their luster. At home in sweatpants chirping into their phones like everybody else. Social media influencers have lost their jet-set purview and the products they can sell alongside it. Will these things return? Maybe. Will it ever really be the same? Unlikely.

Perhaps it is no surprise then that Neptune is the other major player in this Venus retrograde, and indeed during the entire upcoming 2 year cycle of the nodes in Gemini and Sagittarius. That is because Neptune is at 20 degrees of Pisces and as we begin to have eclipses in Gemini and Sagittarius (starting with the Sagittarius lunar eclipse on June 5th), Neptune will be playing a prominent role squaring the lunations. And when the sun makes its ‘inferior conjunction’ to Venus on June 3rd, setting the tone for the next 18 month Venus cycle, the sun and Venus will be square to Neptune.

This brings us back to Neptune’s foundational questions of what is real? And what is merely an illusion?

If, in olden times, we took our truth to be what we were taught and what was accepted in our community (Gemini), then what about now when our ‘global village’ community (Sagittarius) is faltering and sputtering and everyone has different ideas about the solutions and the way forward?

The multiplicity of ideas, possibilities, and potentialities is encouraging and a step in the right direction. But ultimately what Venus retrograde in Gemini, and the disollusion of the authority behind the veil of the ‘power players’ (Pluto Rx in Capricorn) that we have given our authority to, is that we have to come back to what is immediate for us, which is a Gemini speciality.

What are we learning right now from our neighbors and our neighborhoods? How can we help in these areas? What news sources are we giving our time and attention to? Can we dig beneath the surface to see what kind of belief system they are supporting? Do we agree with those beliefs? Do they make us feel authentically empowered and hopeful? How can we use our own platform, on social media and otherwise, to share in a way that is positive and productive?

What we recognize as we ponder these questions is that all of our intake and outflow of ideas and information are sending signals to the universe about what is most important to us and what we want to see more of in our lives (Venus). We are creating energetic accord. So we must be extra careful right now what we give our time and attention to. And we must excavate from our lives those voices and influences whose ideas/values/beliefs do not ring true. We must not be afraid to recognize illusion and walk away. We must decide to take care of our information processing and sharing system the way we might take care of our bodies.

If we can do that, this Venus retrograde cycle promises to be a positive time of realigning us to our true values, and accelerating our process for manifesting things that are truly a match for that.