Gemini New Moon 2020

May 22 1:39 PM EST

This is an interesting new moon that offers an opportunity to re-prioritize and figure out how we can best manage our new lives. Gemini likes to keep a lot of balls in the air, and we may all be feeling like despite the narrow four corners of our living situations, we are managing an ever more complex web of activities, obligations and realities these days. The sun and moon, united at 2 degrees of Gemini, are in close and supportive trine to practical Saturn at 1 degree of Aquarius.

Saturn is focused on the long term, and its influence gives us an important message for this new moon: keep juggling and exploring new ways of being and thinking, but use your mind and discernment to land on the most feasible, and strategic, long-term option. This is not necessarily a heartless or uncaring strategy- in fact it is often the opposite. For example, if many corporations had decided that the most feasible and strategic long-term options were their best path, they may have actually chosen more sustainable and environmentally friendly strategies rather than short-sighted, next-qaurter profit motivated ones. We are to learn to think the same way now: with openness and curiosity to all of the possibilities, but striving for attunement to the most feasible ones.

The ruler of the lunation is Gemini’s ruler, versatile and learned Mercury. Mercury sits at 20 degrees of Gemini in exact conjunction with Venus retrograde. This is a very significant Venus retrograde which is highly focused on helping us identify the ways our values and preferences have been steered awry by the dominant media culture, so we can now correct it. Once again, new ideas and fresh solutions are what we are to open ourselves to at this time.

Both Mercury and Venus Rx are in loose conjunction to the North Node, now at 29 Gemini. The new moon, in fact, marks the beginning of eclipse season as it sets the tone for the next 28 days. And the full moon that marks the midway point of this lunar month is the first lunar eclipse of the Gemini/Sagittarius group of eclipses. We are in many ways having a collective identity crisis, and a crisis of faith, which these eclipses will draw our attention to. And the next several years will see a major re-structuring of the information byways, and a harsh reappraisal of heretofore dominant ideas and belief systems. More on this 18 month nodal period here.

But we get a strong taste of the dissatisfaction and disillusionment that are in the air now, with this new moon, as it is also in square to Mars in Pisces. Mars is ill at ease in Pisces, preferring to exert its raw willpower in more direct and assertive signs. Pisces is, by its very nature, indirect and nebulous. Mars here, in square to the new moon, is another aspect asking us to question our reality and what we are really willing to put our time, energy and effort into. Likewise, Neptune at 20 degrees of Pisces is exactly square to Venus Rx/Mercury at 20 Gemini. Neptune can cast glamorous illusions, and strip them away just as quickly. Right now we are being stripped of many illusions of glamour and grandeur that cannot hold up under the harsh lights of economic uncertainty and the great status leveler of COVID-19.

Saturn, Jupiter and Pluto have now all turned retrograde. We are processing and integrating the great changes that have swept our lives, and our world, in the past several months. This new moon reminds us to bring our attention back to our own choices, ideas, values, priorities, communities, neighbors, neighborhoods, to see how we truly are weaving our piece of the tapestry. Gemini energy, when frazzled, can’t be much of a ‘good neighbor’ to themselves or others. But when they use their innovative mind and resourcefulness to hone in on what is truly highest aligned and most valuable for them to focus on, then they can become a pillar of ingenuity and information for their communities. We all have that opportunity now, so do your best to drown out the noise of what does not serve you, so you can hear the messages about what does.


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