Full Moon in Aries 2020

October 1 5:06 PM EST

This is an interesting full moon that in-and-of-itself does not have many aspects, but rather serves as a period of fore-shadowing of how the rest of the fall may play out for us individually and collectively.

Aries and Libra are the signs related to our sense of self and individuality (Aries) and “others” and “relationship” (Libra). The tension between these two signs, especially highlighted twice a year when we have full moons that straddle them, is *how can we be most true to ourselves while thriving in relationship*?

As any decent therapist or spiritual counselor would tell you, we cannot truly thrive in our relationships (personal, professional, casual, intimate..) until we have properly refined our own sense of personal power and authority. These are the tasks of the Aries and Libra parts of our psyche, and they are the parts we are being asked to focus on for the next several weeks.

We are at a major moment collectively where we are deciding who we want to be in “relationship” with at the highest levels (here in the United States at least) – who are the people we want to count on and give our authority to?

Who in our personal lives can we count on? How are those relationships changing, thriving or growing right now? Or perhaps decaying and falling away?

Mercury is already way up ahead of the sun, at 4 degrees of transformational Scorpio. As soon as Mercury gets “too” far ahead of the sun, it begins one of it’s periodic retrogrades- which will commence on the 13th, right around the time of the Libra new moon.

Mercury in Scorpio is stirring us up to ask the uncomfortable questions, and deal with the stale, hidden or taboo issues in our lives or our relationships that need to be cleared out. Like so much at the moment, the sooner we do it, the less of a chore and drama it becomes.

In fact we are very supported now in cathartic (Scorpio) re-organization (Mercury). It feels good! And it can lead to tremendous healing. The moon is conjunct Chiron, the asteroid related to healing. Breaking free from whatever is holding us emotionally hostage in the past can be liberated now- and Aries loves liberation!

The sun and moon, at 9 degrees of Libra and Aries respectively, are loosely square to exaggerator Jupiter at 17 degrees Capricorn. Things can get exacerbated and blown out of proportion easily. It is on us to allow Libra’s sense of fairness and balance, and Chiron’s nudge towards healing, steer what can often be a hot-tempered and impulsive Aries full moon.

Especially because Aries’ ruler, active Mars is still in Aries, and still retrograde. Until November 13, we have Mars retrograde stirring the pot, revising plans, and re-routing our direction. This can be a wonderful thing! Aries is always about fresh energy. And with the moon conjunct healing Chiron and Mars still retrograde, we can experience the joy of new momentum, new motivation and new energy that comes from healing from the past and re-focusing our attentions in the best possible direction, even if it isn’t what we once expected.

If this is our priority, then it can be a month for great positive momentum! If we still find ourselves in resistance, then Mars retrograde could create more confusion and unexpected changes. Roll with the punches- Aries likes to leave their options open and go with how they are feeling in the moment. And with Mars’ companion, love-oriented Venus, still in the late degrees of glamorous Leo, we are giving ourselves permission to envision and lean into that “best life” we know is possible, whatever that looks like for us. It’s closer than ever, the more we say *yes* to what is becoming clear NOW, and letting go of the past.

*Artist unknown