Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Gemini

November 30 4:30 AM EST

This is a beautiful full moon lunar eclipse reconnecting us to our sense of positivity and possibility, and providing valuable information about our highest path forward.

Eclipses are super charged- and super powerful- new and full moons that amplify current energetics and accelerate change. That is because they are the only new and full moons of the year that take place when the moon is directly aligned to the earth and sun. This synchronization of the 3-way relationship between the earth, moon and sun is tracked by the lunar nodes, which shift signs roughly every 18 months. Since May, the lunar nodes have been in the Gemini and Sagittarius polarity, pulling our eclipse energy into the domain of these two open-minded, curious and mutable signs. Link here to read more about the key themes of the overall 18 month period of the nodes being in Gemini and Sagittarius.

Just as the line connecting the earth, moon and sun has two ends- so too are the lunar nodes a line connecting two opposite signs. In this case, the north node is in the sign of Gemini and the south node in the sign of Sagittarius. That makes this full moon lunar eclipse, a north node eclipse since it falls at 8 degrees Gemini, close to the north node at 19 degrees of that sign. The north node is associated with our highest path and future destiny. We are being called in that direction now, even as things continue to shift and change in our lives in unexpected ways.

The past several months (and indeed all of 2020) has seen an unprecedented level of disruption presided over by the Saturn/Pluto conjunction (and all of the associated Capricorn energetics), as well as radical Uranus upending the most stable of all signs, Taurus. Indeed during this eclipse, love planet Venus at 10 degrees Scorpio is closely opposed by Uranus at 7 degrees Taurus. What may have seemed a ‘sure bet’ in the Venus domains of romance and finances, could actually prove to be a curve ball. We would be wise to pay very close attention to shifts and changes in those two areas of our life, and allow innovative solutions to guide us rather than staying stuck in the past. Especially since all full moons create an added level of importance around our relationships.

As the ruler of Gemini, curious Mercury is the ruler of this lunation. Like Venus, Mercury is in the sign of intense and observant Scorpio. However, Mercury is at 27 degrees, so rather than opposing Uranus, it is actually more strategically placed, in sextile to Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto all still together in late Capricorn. It is also in a wide trine to Neptune at 18 degrees Pisces. This is an interesting position for Mercury. Mercurys’ natural inclination is to briskly sort and classify information- to absorb it, communicate it and trade it through skilled work, writing or business. But this position in Scorpio encourages Mercury to hold back, to be strategic, to be both intuitively agile and politically astute about how and when to share what and with whom in order to meet its goals. This requires some thoughtfulness and finesse on all of our parts. The answers we are seeking may not be obvious. And the agendas of the other people involved may likewise be buried under several layers. Mercury here can help us sort out the next steps forward, but it is by feeling our way each step, rather than pushing or making assumptions.

That is especially important since the lunar eclipse itself, again at 8 degrees of Gemini, is in a T square with the sun at 8 Sagittarius and Neptune at 18 Pisces. Nebulous, spiritual, intuitive (and sometimes self-deluded) Neptune has a key role to play here, but by its very nature, we may find it hard to put our fingers on what exactly that role is. The north node lunar eclipse is encouraging us to blaze forward, towards our best path and highest potential future, even if it feels unexpected or unconventional. Neptune is whispering hints, advice, and encouragement in our ear. We must attune ourselves to how to get those messages, without allowing Neptune’s lower vibrational tendencies towards willful self-deceit or delusion to confuse us. Again, aligning to Mercury will help us sort through this.

Gemini itself is concerned with ideas and information. We may get fantastic ‘hits’ this month- brilliant and innovative brainstorms. It’s important to pay close attention to them, and then ultimately run them through the filters of Neptune (is this a real possibility that feels ‘divinely inspired’? Or is there something that I don’t want to see here?) and Mercury (what is the most intuitive and strategic way for me to proceed in communicating about this? what approach will get me the best results in the long term?). Sorting through all of our ideas, plans and possibilities in this way will help us distill what is valuable, important and worth pursuing, and what will ultimately just add confusion and clutter to our lives.

Mars is finally done stationing and is moving direct in fast-paced Aries once again. Mars in Aries for this entire 2nd half of 2020 has been stoking our inner fires of passion and purpose. Now that we have had some very clear messages the past several months about what is and isn’t working, we can use Mars momentum between now and the end of the year to finally ‘deal with’ whatever is out-dated that we have been procrastinating on, so that we can seize and make the most of the new that is ready to arrive in our lives. After all, Gemini loves the new and the novel! And if we are open to it, the new and the novel may find us in the most surprising and delightful ways now.

In esoteric astrology, Gemini is connected to the 4th ray/4th chakra and the antahkarana- the rainbow bridge between our human/egoic/small self personality and our divine self/soul/higher path. This eclipse can strengthen the relationship between those two parts of ourselves so that rather than being in conflict with one another (manifesting as the lower vibrational duplicitous twins), we are walking in inner harmony which manifests as outer harmony in our life circumstances. If we are truly ready for this level of surrender and integration in our lives, this eclipse can be a catalyst for showing us that higher newer path, and allowing us to choose for it, even if it was not what we anticipated or expected. There are many different voices and possibilities in our lives right now, but when we ask with sincerity, we can be shown which path is truly in heart alignment for us, and we can walk the mysterious and exciting path of the rainbow bridge, which only reveals its next step as we stay present in the current moment.

*art by @jeffcorsi