Aries New Moon 2021

April 11 10:31 PM EST

With four planets plus the ultra-important asteroid Chiron all clustered together in Aries, this is a powerful time for momentum and fresh starts. Aries is all about the next, the new, the novel, the thrill of the chase and excitement of victory. Aries can take themselves from where they are now to where they want to be with gusto and bring along everyone else on a wave of their enthusiasm. If they happen to lose interest in whatever they are pursuing before they reach “victory”, they can drop it like a hot potato and remain vague about the reasons for their about-face. Usually it’s because something more exciting comes along, or they have realized they cannot “conquer” this task in a manner the they believe they should, so best to just move on.

We can all learn a lot from Aries enthusiasm, directness and bravery. Being the first sign of the zodiac, they have an indeterminable will to live, to thrive and to go for the things that matter to them. When they feel thwarted they can become rash, cantankerous, and foolhardy.

We all find ourselves in a similar place right now. Burning with raw energy to get OUT, get out and about, have fun, make up for lost time and pursue the things that have been stirring in us for the past year. But how we harness this “fresh growth” and momentum is of utmost importance. Mercury and Venus are joined together with the sun and moon on this new moon, so there is a sense of unity between our desires (Venus) and how we are communicating about them (Mercury). Even better, all of these planets are in a positive supportive sextile to Aries’ ruler, passionate Mars, currently in late Gemini. There is a cohesiveness to our drive and excitement, even if we are still working out the exact path and details.

But Chiron, as mentioned above, holds the magic sauce in all of this. Chiron is the great alchemical healer. Mythologically he was a teacher of the Gods, and his blessing is to help us turn life’s inevitable suffering and pain into wisdom and strength that we can apply in our lives. Through Chiron, our wounds become our allies.

So Chiron’s message during this new moon is to make this new Aries fresh start DIFFERENT, to apply the lessons, healing, and wisdom we have already gleaned into an upgraded and improved APPROACH to our new path. We can tap into the high vibrational invitation of Aries to be confident, bold, assured of our own uniqueness and individuality, creative and forthright. Or we can bring old dramas into our new chapter and go towards the lower vibrational end of the Aries spectrum, being demanding, willful, aggressive, insistent, impulsive and overly single-minded.

This is an opportunity we don’t want to squander. Showing up in a new way may feel strange and foreign, but after a year of “liminal space” in the inbetween world of our old way of life and our new reality, there has never been a better, more organic time to show up in the world as our “new self”. Not some image of what we think that should look like, but genuinely and authentically revitalized after integrating the big shifts and changes that have been on the table logistically as well as energetically.

The Aries planets are square to Pluto in Capricorn. Again, Pluto signifies deep transformation and catharsis. Pluto reminds us that If we keep doing things the same old way, we are sure to get the same results; if we want new results we must not only outgrow the old behaviors but try brand new (Aries) ones. Approaching life, relationships, opportunities, with beginners mind is our ally here. We may make mistakes- that is all part of life! With Mars (the ruler of the new moon) square to nebulous Neptune, we are not totally certain of next steps or what is realistic or not, and that is OK- as long as we give ourselves permission to not know, and to try things out with openness and integrity.

This is again the highest possible hallmark of Aries, the will to be brave and see what happens, without guile, manipulation or drama. And with the new moon in a gorgeous sextile to lucky Jupiter in Aquarius, we do indeed have a new path wide open and available in front of each of us, to give that nascent dream or project or inspiration a shot. Have faith! Have fun! And be gentle with yourself and others in this early learning phase. Aries is not about rushing but about saying YES, trusting yourself, being candid and giving things a shot. We all deserve this chance at fresh opportunities and new paths of adventure and excitement! And it is here.

*Art by @danielmercadante