New Moon In Taurus 2021

May 11 3 PM EST

This spring has brought palpable energetic shifts and they continue, as heralded by this dramatic and exciting new moon. Whenever we have a new moon conjunct Uranus (which happens at most once a year), we know we are in for a month of surprises! The sun and moon, together at 21 degrees of Taurus, are widely conjunct Uranus at 11 degrees of Taurus. Uranus has been slowly making its way through Taurus for several years now and is entering fresh territory in the 2nd decan of the sign (the 2nd of the 10 degree increments that make up the 30 degrees of Taurus).

As the planet of rebellion, progress, science, technology, higher consciousness, humanity and collectives, Uranus has a pivotal role to play in what is happening for us now individually and collectively. A very Uranian symbol is the lightening bolt, signifying both change and insight, and there may be some lightning bolts headed our way in the next 4 weeks. What seemed stable and solid (Taurus), a “sure bet”, could be revealed to be anything but! The lightning bolts continue to push through the stagnation that is wanting to be cleared and upgraded (as symbolized by Uranus longstanding square with reluctant Saturn in the other fixed sign of Aquarius).

The more we resist what may feel “inevitable” in our lives, the more we may have to face uncertainty and even chaos in our environment. The purpose is not to derail us into the throes of despair, but rather to upgrade us the next level of our journey- one that is not so deeply rooted in “the way it has been done” before. And the other planets are our allies to help make that happen.

As the ruler of Taurus, Venus has a special role to play in this lunation. Indeed, she has been VERY strong in virtually all of the new moon charts in 2021, indicating that the provenances she governs (namely MONEY and RELATIONSHIPS) need to be upgraded. This is a great month to look to Venus’ placement in our own chart to see how, by sign, we might better shift towards the high vibrational expressions of that sign, and away from the shadow expressions.

At the time of this new moon, Venus is in the domain of airy and bright Gemini. Once again, things might not go as we expected, as Gemini loves last minute adaptations, changes and redirections. The ruler of Gemini, Mercury, also currently in Gemini, begins a retrograde half way through this new moon cycle (on May 29), stirring the pot even more.

At its highest level, Venus and Mercury in Gemini majorly elevate our sense of possibility, our ability to connect the dots, and lead us to new ideas or information that shifts our perspective. This is especially true since both of these planets are conjunct the karmic North Node of the Moon, strengthening their power. Pay close attention to the news, messages, and information that comes your way in the upcoming 2 months- it may cause you to rethink even things you have taken for granted or at face value for a long time. Again, rather than resist this information, consider how that might impact other opinions or ideas you have had. Gemini is able to tolerate ambiguity, paradox and nuance. Cultivating these qualities now will be immensely helpful moving forward. Especially as this new moon officially marks the start of “eclipse season”.

Eclipse season begins at a new moon- either a new moon eclipse, or the new moon that precedes a lunar eclipse (full moon). It ends at the new moon that occurs after the final eclipse of the season (there are usually 2 eclipse seasons in a calendar year). The eclipse seasons are some of the most catalytic and high-energy times of the entire year. This eclipse season begins on May 11 and ends on July 9th. This new moon is not an eclipse, but the full moon that marks the middle of this new moon cycle is a powerful total lunar eclipse in Sagittarius on May 26th. Additionally, the lunar eclipse that falls later this year during the second eclipse season of 2021 (on November 19th) falls on 27 degrees of Taurus, close to the degree of this new moon. In the fall we will look back at what transpired or began in May and June as pivotal.

Jupiter also has an important role to play now. It is highly exalted at 29 degrees of Aquarius just days before it enters its home sign of Pisces for the first time in 11 years. Jupiter enters Pisces (which it co-rules with Neptune) on May 13th and stays there only briefly before retrograding back into Aquarius on the 28th of July. We can consider this as a little teaser of what 2022 will look like as Jupiter takes up a longer residence in Pisces. But in the meantime, during this new moon month, Jupiter will be in many ways exacerbating a lot of the drama of Aquarius, as planets in the final degree of a sign tend to have a kind of ‘wild card’ energy. There is an Aquarian focus on the greater collective as well as the collectives in our lives (friend groups, organizations, charitable activities, etc) that may prove to be where some of our lightning bolt action is taking place.

With the energy of transformation in the air, now is the time to take our hands off the wheel a little bit, to stop over-gripping where we think we should be going, and allow the fresh insights ideas and information to help us pivot our path in the best possible direction. And since Taurus is all about savoring life’s sweet pleasures, of course, we can and should decide to enjoy the ride!

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