Aries New Moon 2022

April 1 2:24 AM EST

Healing continues to be a major theme, and this is a deeply healing and cathartic new moon, when we invite in that potentiality. In astrology, the spring equinox heralds the energetic new year. This is the time when Aries takes over from Pisces in the tropical zodiac, based on the seasons and not the constellations. Beginning at the spring equinox, the days become longer in the northern hemisphere, and regrowth emerges from the rest and retreat of winter. The first new moon after the spring equinox is the Aries New Moon and this fortifies our resolve for re-emergence and helps us ‘set out’ on our new path. The energetics of the Aries new moon in any particular year, show us a little bit about what the highest new path available to us may look like. And this year, it is all about a re-growth and re-emergence that is rooted in health, healing, faith and a certain kind of grounded optimism.

The sun and moon are at 11 degrees of Aries, closely conjunct to Chiron, at 12 degrees of Aries. Chiron is considered a dwarf planet in astronomy, technically the same classification as Pluto. Certainly its significance in both astronomy and astrology has been rapidly growing over the past several decades. So while Chiron is not one of the “major planets” in astrology, its importance is immense. The “discovery” or inclusions of any new planets, or new objects of any kind, in the solar system always represents a breakthrough in consciousness for humanity. It was not until use of the telescope became widespread that Uranus, Neptune and Pluto were confirmed in the night sky, and each of these represented collective breakthroughs in consciousness for humanity, along the lines of the themes of these planets. Likewise for other new inclusions in astronomy/astrology.

Chiron is associated with the myth of the centaur Chiron who was a teacher of healing and occult sciences to the Gods. The only wound that he could not “cure” was a wound that was inflicted on himself. This is symbolic of the human condition of pain, suffering and trauma, of which we must all traverse in our lifetimes in one form or another. While some have major developmental trauma, or situational traumas, in their lives, others traverse their lives with only minor scrapes and bruises. In either case, HOW we handle these wounds and traumas, HOW we extract the “medicine” from them and turn those into our allies is one of the great lessons of life. And in astrology, Chiron shows us where our core wound may be located, and its principle themes, especially in relation to the other planets in our charts.

Chiron entered Aries in 2018 and will stay there until 2027. Aries is not only the first sign of the zodiac but is related to the primordial “masculine” that urge to “shoot forward” and grow, exerting our power and individuality, emerging from the universal feminine oneness field of undifferentiated potential (Pisces). Since Chiron entered Aries there has been a lot of conversation around the “toxic masculine”, and together with the enormous transformation potential of the Saturn Pluto conjunction in another sign associated with masculine patriarchy (Capricorn), these longterm aspects have been reshaping our understanding of masculinity, the yang aspect of life, and how best to go about getting our individual needs and desires met.

This new moon, nearly exactly conjunct Chiron, offers us a rare opportunity to “try out” what we have learned in the past few years about our “approach” to exerting ourselves and getting our needs met, in a way that is healthy and honoring of ourselves as well as the others involved. When our approach is different, our results will be different as well.

Assertive Mars is the ruler of Aries and the ruler of this lunation. Mars is currently in forward-thinking Aquarius, and conjunct both Saturn and Venus. Mars and Venus, the cosmic lovers, have been traveling together since the beginning of 2022 and this has been helping us unify our values and priorities (Venus) with our goals and actions (Mars). Now in Aquarius, and conjunct Saturn, we are starting to see some of the results of our choices since the beginning of the new year. Saturn is the ultimate pragmatist, and karmic overseer, of the zodiac. What you sow you shall reap, and Saturn oversees this very precise and thorough process. So we get a sense now, in the upcoming 4 weeks of this new moon cycle, of what is on the table to be reaped.

Mars conjunct Venus and Saturn also reminds us that what we desire and aim for (Mars) should not only be in alignment with our core values and priorities (Venus) but should be grounded and have the durability and longevity (Saturn) to last. Strong foundations are important, otherwise our creations will topple over. When we combine these elements in the highest possible way, we can look to the future (Aquarius) with a very clear sense of what is most valuable to us (Venus), and set out a clear game plan of how to reach those goals/desires (Mars) in a way that is thorough, deliberate and stable (Saturn). If we are still scrambling our signals, we may end up in situations where we feel thwarted (Saturn) in reaching our aims (Mars) and as though we are deprived of what we most desire (Venus). So this is a very powerful opportunity to get clear on what all of those things are so that we can use the soothing balm of Chiron and the new moon to help direct us in the highest possible way!

We also have a VERY special aspect occurring during this new moon cycle, and that is the EXACT conjunction of Jupiter and Neptune on April 12th. Jupiter and Neptune are the two co-rulers of Pisces, and are forming a conjunction at 23 degrees of that sign. This is a once-in-a-lifetime aspect! While Neptune and Jupiter will meet again in about 12 years, it will not be in their ‘home sign’ of Pisces, so this is very special indeed. And, once again, very healing. Jupiter is the planet of growth, expansion, faith, optimism and generosity. It is that part of us that is ever pushing us forward, with implicit faith that when we are courageous and follow our hearts, things will somehow work out for the best. Without Jupiter, we may never get out of bed in the morning!

Neptune is the planet of unbounded unity consciousness, the zero point field of all possibility, from whence the whispers of creativity and inspiration, knowing and guidance, emerge to offer us the wisdom of our soul. Without Neptune, Jupiter may foolhardedly rush in any number of unwise directions. It is Neptune that steers Jupiter on the path of the soul. And without Jupiter, Neptune’s whispers can reach our hearts but fail to mobilize or motivate us, as they seem so challenging or out of reach. It is Jupiter that takes Neptunes imagination and creativity, and molds it into an exciting vision that we can ‘get behind’ and pursue. This extraordinary conjunction of Jupiter and Neptune is yet another great “reset” in our relationship with these inspiring energetics. Asking to be guided by Neptune about our highest possible path forward is a beautiful invitation now. As is requesting that Jupiter give us the faith and optimism to lean into that, no matter what ‘obstacles’ appear to be in our way.

Mercury, the messenger planet, is at 9 degrees of Aries, closely conjunct the new moon and Chiron. This shows us that HOW we communicate is an important part of our healing now. It is truly where the rubber meets the road. So as all of these potentialities and possibilities and ways of doing things swirl up, we must remain very mindful of how we communicate. Again, this will have a big impact on the results that show up for us in the long term.

Finally, Uranus in Taurus, which is a major player in the eclipses that are just around the corner, is still offering ‘mild’ guidance now, before its message starts reverberating very loudly at the Taurus new moon. This ‘mild’ guidance, comes in the form of its square to the Saturn/Mars/Venus conjunction in Aquarius. This is actually a very sensible reminder from radical and unique Uranus that what we are aligning our values and relationships (Venus), hard work (Saturn), motivation (Mars) to right now should be coming from OUR OWN unique vision of what we want (Uranus), not based in the “shoulds” from the past. In fact, breaking away from outmoded assumptions, past-due desires, and old attachments is essential now. We want to be operating from the NEW, even (or perhaps especially) if that is in the context of old relationships or situations. It is only by showing up in a new and more empowered and authentic way that we will get new and improved results. And that is exactly what this first new moon of this astrological new year is all about!

*art by @alexbstoddard