Libra New Moon 2022

September 25 5:55 EST

This is one of the most beautiful and harmonious new moons of the year. Not only is it in the sign of balance and harmony, Libra. But the ruler of the new moon, love and money planet Venus, is part of an earth sign grand trine with Pluto and Uranus. This means that we are getting major upgrades in the Venusian parts of our life!

The new moon itself is at 2 degrees of Libra, the degree of the Super Galactic Center. Those of you unfamiliar with the SGC, I would refer you to the excellent work and research of Philip Sedgwick (who is also an expert in the Great Attractor & the Galactic Center). Suffice to say, this is a potent part of the sky, and a complex one. Libra is the sign of interpersonal relationships, specifically one-on-one dynamics. By contrast the other two air signs deal with other types of relationships: Gemini (extended family, neighborhood people, school-mates) and Aquarius (acquaintances, people met through career, networking, social events, clubs, associations). Libra is the nitty gritty: the one-on-one dynamics and relationships where there are specific contractual obligations, like marriage or business partnerships.

The Super Galactic Center, as one of the largest black holes in the galaxy, represents a certain kind of insatiability that can seep into our lives and our relationship dynamics. Libra shows us our mirrors in other people. We spend time with people we are attracted to (platonically or otherwise) because we see ourselves in them. But we have to be especially careful that we do not end up over-identifying with them to the point where our self-identity becomes wrapped up in their approval or our relationship dynamic. Likewise we cannot accept relationships where other people put that kind of ‘pressure’ on us. These are signs of co-dependency, and a shadow side of Libra. And these behaviors are brought to the surface by the new moon conjunct the Super Galactic Center.

But if we can accept this complex dynamic as an invitation to see our prior habits of engaging these kind of unhealthy relationship patterns, and resist the urge to project this way into whichever primary one-on-one relationship dynamics are playing out in our lives over the next 4 weeks (personally or professionally), we have a chance for MAJOR healing of these romantic and interpersonal wounds.

Venus, the ruler of the new moon, is at 25 degrees of Virgo and conjunct Mercury retrograde at 27 degrees of that sign. Already the conjunction to Mercury Rx indicates that re-patterning is necessary here. And a different approach to communication (Mercury) within relationships. So while these shifts will be unique to each of us, we can consider that how we communicate within our relationship dynamics is where the rubber meets the road, and where we will see a clear divide between old behaviors and new more rewarding patterns.

Fortunately, we have Pluto and Uranus as our incredibly powerful allies in this process! Venus and Mercury in Virgo are part of a grand trine with Uranus at 18 degrees of Taurus and Pluto at 26 degrees of Capricorn. Both Pluto and Uranus are retrograde which draws our attention back to the internal emphasis of this work. Only we can truly see and be honest with ourselves about how these dynamics show up and play out in our lives. And only we can decide that we are ready for patterns and relationships that have a different flavor and outcome. And we are ultimately the arbiters of whether or not we make the adjustments to make that happen. The more we are willing to do this internal work, the more powerful the shifts and transformations in the external world will be.

Pluto, after all, is the planet of deep change and transformation. It recycles the old, dead, decayed energetics and births the new. Uranus is the great catalyzer. It’s the electric shock that shakes up our lives and provokes that split second decision about whether we are going to choose ‘the old way’ or ‘the new way’. Surprises and unexpected events are all the domain of Uranus so we can expect some of those to be part of what shakes us awake, and hopefully out of the old and towards the new, in the upcoming 4 weeks. Also, likewise, we can anticipate unexpected changes because Mercury is retrograde.

Add to this the complicating factor that the new moon is also being opposed by BOTH Jupiter at 3 degrees of Aries and Neptune at 23 degrees of Pisces! This adds quite a bit to the potential drama and confusion. Over-the-top Jupiter can blow things out of proportion, for better or worse. And Neptune increases both the emotionality of issues as they come up, and also makes it difficult to discern clearly. It is wise to remember here that while we may be trying to pivot and sort these interpersonal issues out for ourselves, everyone ELSE will also be mired in their own kind of internal/external relationship recalibration. This adds to the likelihood of other people “triggering” us, but can hopefully also serve as a reminder to be gentle with ourselves and others. Everyone is just doing the best they can. And if somebody’s “best” is not good enough, well then – you will be able to see that in no uncertain terms right now. Again, the healthy impetus to shift and improve could be present, in which case relationships can grow stronger as they navigate these growing pains together. But if certain people or dynamics are continually miles apart from what is satisfactory, then the writing is on the wall.

Finally, we have a beautiful air sign trine between Mars at 18 degrees of Gemini and Saturn at 19 degrees of Aquarius. This is a very reassuring aspect that once we do have clarity about certain things or relationships, the path ahead becomes much easier and more straightforward. And could possibly even be downright exciting and romantic! Libra loves playfulness and romance after all. And since Mars is full of passion and drive, and Saturn lends responsibility, life gets juicy when they are working in harmony. Ultimately we can only have that outer harmony in our life and our relationships when we are in inner balance and equilibrium. And then- When we are truly able to trust OURSELVES as well as the dynamics and people and situations that are showing up in a healthy way, we can thrive and shine, and so can those relationships.

*art by @visualpotions