Aries Full Moon 2022

October 9 4:55 PM EST

This is one of the most sublime and healing full moons of the year. There are several remarkable facts about this full moon. To begin with, the sun at 16 degrees of Libra is conjunct the planet of love, harmony and relationships, Venus, at 13 degrees of that sign. The moon, (as always opposing the sun at a full moon), is at 16 degrees of Aries and is itself conjunct another powerful planet/asteroid, Chiron at 14 Aries. The major influence of both Venus and Chiron in this full moon makes it most auspicious. Whereas Venus holds domain over the sensual pleasures in our lives, Chiron is concerned with healing, specifically with healing our core wounds of worthiness.

Mars, as the ruler of Aries and hence the ruler of the full moon is another key player in this lunation. Mars is also powerfully placed, at 22 degrees of Gemini and part of an air sign grand trine with Saturn in Aquarius and the sun and Venus in Libra. These are the type of aspects that make an astrologer smile 🙂 It’s as though the planets are asking us to please use this divine harmony for positive purposes- the windows to healing and ‘smoothing things out’ are wide open.

Aries itself is concerned with the new, the next, the best, and forward progress of all kinds. As the first sign of the zodiac it does not want to waste time looking backwards. However, when Aries feels thwarted or has a ‘chip on their shoulder’ about something they felt has held them back or was unfair (out of balance- negative Libra), they can become hostile, grumpy, and challenging. This is the shadow lower vibrational Aries who becomes their own biggest stumbling block towards their success. That is why it is all the more important now to allow the smoothness of this potential energetic ‘deep cleaning’ to do its work quickly and efficiently (Aries keywords), so those dramas are no longer an unnecessary handicap.

At its best, Aries is brave, open-hearted and lives fully in the present. So the opportunity for us to have that ‘fresh start’ in the now moment is not only possible, but inspired. The keys rest with the air signs- our ability to shift how we think, communicate and show up in relationships. The sun and Venus are in Libra, Mars is in Gemini, and Saturn is in Aquarius. And once again, they are all forming a grand trine of mutual support. Saturn in Aquarius asks us to take note of our part in the whole, in the collective, and plan accordingly. We don’t live in a vacuum and our actions impact our communities, large and small. Being deliberate (Saturn) about which communities we feel aligned to, and how we can positively show up in those realms can make a big difference. Mars is now about 2 months into its 7 month stay in dexterous and multi-passionate Gemini. Taking stock of which of the many options in front of us is actually worth committing to (Saturn in Aquarius) and where we have the support of others (sun/Venus in Libra) will help us make choices. And the sun and Venus in Libra urge us to lean into our relationships, especially the ones where we organically find ease and flow (Venus).

Relationships where we find strife, discord, and challenge (lower vibrational Aries) can be healed and mended now. But we must approach these decisions consciously. Not all relationships are meant to be healed or repaired and moved forward into the future. Some are meant to be acknowledged for the lessons they are and released in peace. Fully releasing a relationship can be as challenging as healing a relationship, if not more. It requires the release of animosity, resentment and hostility. It requires a genuine acceptance of ‘what is’ rather forcing something into ‘what we think it should be’, clinging to an old narrative of victimization, or spiritually bypassing (pretending). But Chiron in Aries conjunct the full moon is gracefully guiding us forward. If we are willing to be honest with ourselves about which of our relationships require kindness and mending Chiron aids in that process. And likewise he can gently aid us in the process of release of the relationships and situations which no longer serve us.

Pluto, as always, has an important role to play in any kind of release or transformation. As the planet of transmutation, he oversees the process of the energetic shift of one thing into another. Unsurprisingly, Pluto is very strong as well at this full moon, having just stationed direct in Capricorn the DAY BEFORE the full moon. Whenever a planet is changing direction it is highly potent. Pluto at 26 degrees of Capricorn is also forming two very positive trines, one to Mercury at 28 degrees of Virgo, and the other to Uranus at 18 degrees of Taurus. These planets are even very loosely in orb of an earth sign grand trine. During the new moon in Libra that set the energetic tone for this month, the grand trine was very much in effect. So I would say it is still in effect here. That means there are TWO gorgeous grand trines in the sky! Once again, the planets are doing their best to help us work with and flow with the energy that is available.

Pluto in Capricorn re-aligns us to our long-term goals and interests. This is significant since Aries can sometime lose sight of the “big picture” as it immerses itself in ‘the moment’. Uranus in Taurus is helping us see new possibilities and new ways of doing things, especially in the realms of our finances and deeply engrained habits. And Mercury in Virgo, newly out of retrograde and still re-treading its shadow zone, is making sure that we are being mindful of the details and nuances of everything that is happening around us, and that we are agreeing to.

This is all the more important given that we are about to go into eclipse season. The next new moon, in Scorpio on October 25th, is a solar eclipse. Eclipses catalyze big changes and move things in our lives along rapidly. So once again, these 2 weeks when the energy of this full moon is dominant are an important preparatory gateway before eclipse season. In order to ride out eclipse season for maximum healthy positive change and benefit, now is our time to tend to this opportunity for smooth and efficient release, healing and upgrades.

We are blessed, yet again, by the fact that benefic and generous Jupiter is still in Aries! At 1 degree of that sign it is technically out-of-orb to be conjunct the full moon, but it is still very positive to have Jupiter in the sign of the full moon. Jupiter is all about encouraging us to thinking bigger, to aim higher, to have faith, to go for it! This full moon not only aids our transformations, but blesses our new beginnings. So whatever is in your heart now that you desire healing, confidence and courage for, this full moon is here to aid in that process and light the new path forward.

*art by @bfh_photo