New Moon in Libra 2021

October 6 7:05 AM EST

This new moon kicks off a catalytic and transformative lunar cycle, especially when it comes to our relationships. Both the sun and the moon are in the sign of Libra which is associated with marriage, contracts, and any significant one-on-one relationships. In addition to romance, this includes business partnerships and client relationships. In other words, anybody that we have a more-or-less formal “agreement” with. Ideally these agreements are balanced, harmonious and reciprocal, with all parties aware of the terms and in integrity with ‘playing their part’. However, as we can all attest through life experience, many relationships are either BUILT on an inherent imbalance, or one or more parties have become dissatisfied with the ‘terms’ over time. The ups, downs, balances, and nuances of these interactions all fall under the domain of Libra, and its ruling planet, Venus.

Venus is the goddess who oversees not only relationships, but also beauty, money, and resources. This is an interesting cohort of interests which points to an important common theme: values. What we VALUE always shows up in how we use our resources (including money) and in our relationships. For example, if we value making or having money, we will pick relationships and business partnerships accordingly; if we value “being nice” we will likewise interact with others in a certain way. Venus rules not only Libra, but also the sign of Taurus. What we prioritize and value both in ourselves and life in general (Taurus), is reflected back to us in the people/organizations we choose to have relationships with and the quality of those dynamics (Libra). And right now we are reassessing and reappraising all of this!

Not only are the sun and moon conjoined in Libra, but they are nestled together closely with both Mercury retrograde and Mars in this sign. This is a rather rare and powerful conjunction, and a very personal one, as all of these planets are “inner planets” which represent our personal needs and desires (rather than the larger archetypal themes of the outer planets). But the outer planets are a part of this story too!

Especially Pluto, lord of the Underworld, who goes direct on the very same day as the new moon after having been retrograde since late April. A lot has likely changed in all of our lives since April and that is becoming abundantly clear now. Mercury retrograde wants us to re-think, re-assess, re-strategize and clean up our communications. And hot-blooded active Mars wants us to PULL THE TRIGGER with all of these changes sooner rather than later. This is a very delicate dance since reappraising can be complex, but Mars wants to push forward. And we are aiming to do all of this tapping into the highest vibrational aspects of Libra which include tact and diplomacy. Pluto’s role here, however, cannot be underemphasized. The changes in power dynamics and energetic patterns over which Pluto presides are deep and meaningful. And the transformations are usually lasting and permanent. So we must recognize that the choices and pivots we make now can and will have a lasting impact, for better or worse.

So once again our task is to take action in ways that will improve and rebalance our relationships (Libra) ((*Or our relationship to relationships!)), which depends largely on being self-assertive in a healthy way (Mars) and finding new strategies for communicating productively (Mercury), which can be disruptive but lead to significant and lasting changes (Pluto). The fact that Pluto is in conservative Capricorn and square to all of the Libra planets shows that these “upgrades” can be messy or challenging, but may be pressing. If there are issues that have been swept under the rug, Mars and Pluto square to one another want to push the point and resolve things, but the Libra planets will helps us steady ourselves and seek the best possible outcomes for all involved in the process. Tapping into Libra’s cool-headedness is a very important ally in order to not get caught up in any potential drama.

And there is indeed potential drama. Everyone sees things slightly differently (sometimes extremely differently) as we have all been observing in a very heightened way in the past 18 months since the North Node entered information-oriented Gemini in May 2020. So if we are not careful these ideological blowups can easily derail this Libra invitation to harmony and rebalance. It is up to US – NOT the “other people” in the relationship to prioritize peace and balance. This is an important point but one that can be misunderstood. I do not mean that we should be the ones to “give in” in the “name of peace”. Rather that by earnestly emphasizing and intending peace/balance/healthy communication (either internally or verbally) in any and all relationship situations, we set the tone and provide the opportunity for positive shifts. Positive shifts does not necessarily mean “agreeing about everything”. – most likely it does not- but what it does leave room for is improvement and whatever kind of rebalancing is available and appropriate. Pluto works in mysterious and subterranean ways. Our heartfelt intention for healthy improvement is the most fundamental and necessary step, and then we can slow down and be guided in the next small steps if we are not too caught up in the drama.

Venus itself is at 28 degrees of Scorpio at the new moon, a powerful final degree of the sign related to deep change and transformation. This emphasizes the rather relentless buzz happening under the surface now, pushing us to deal with buried issues. It also provides support in altering power dynamics and finding meaningful and lasting resolution. Alternately, if there are issues or relationships that require being purged fully (rather than rebalanced), Venus in Scorpio helps us with that process.

And finally, Jupiter and Saturn are both stationing in Aquarius, about to turn direct again after long retrogrades (just like Pluto). Issues that have been simmering on the backburner since the spring/early summer, when all of these planets went retrograde are finally revealing themselves for what they truly are. There may be relationships or potential opportunities we were excited about then but have now lost their luster, or proved to not be exactly as we had hoped. Or we could be seeing old situations in an entirely new way. The challenge is not to blow up the ship (as low vibrational Mars here might be egging us on to do), but rather to steady ourselves so that WE can be the balanced one navigating changes and transitions all around us. If we can do this without getting sucked into drama, and with a heartfelt intention for peaceful transitions and upgrades, then we may just be surprised by the profound improvements in our lives and relationships in the upcoming month.

*art by @metametagasm