The Taurus Full Moon 2018

This is a packed full moon which reads more like an eclipse, being that it’s programmed to disrupt the status quo and dislodge outdated situations and relationships.

The sun at 1 degree of Scorpio is conjunct the ruler of the eclipse, Venus, who is still in her 6 week retrograde cycle. When in Scorpio, both the sun and Venus retrograde are ruthless about uncovering what is frivolous or no longer essential in the domain of intimacy. Where are we betraying ourselves in our shared emotional, financial, and romantic alliances?

This full moon will help us to see the answer. The moon at 1 degree of earthy Taurus is tightly conjunct radical Uranus. A full moon conjunct Uranus in these two financial signs is something we have not experienced in the past several decades, so it’s significance is amplified. And it gives us a taste of what is to come after March when Uranus re-enters Taurus for her 7 year sojourn. [In the meantime, she returns to independent Aries between November 6th and March 6th, to help us follow through on whatever masks we have been shedding over the past 7 years].

The moon and Uranus together in Taurus share the message of the sun and Venus in Scorpio: don’t hold on to what doesn’t work any longer. Uranus pushes cautious and possessive Taurus to take a second look at what it’s clinging to. If there is a better way to get your needs met, Uranus will help find it, but it can be through a jolt of the unexpected, rather than a gentle nudge.

It is no coincidence that this full moon is presiding over lottery-mania, at least here in the United States. The Taurus/Scorpio polarity is related to money and power, Venus is the planet of money, and Uranus is planet of unpredictability and surprise. It’s a perfect recipe! Especially when you consider that this is also the final lunation while the north node is in Leo. Leo presides over games, gambling and speculation so it’s a bit of a cheerful swan song for this past 18 months, when Leo has encouraged us to come out of our shell and express ourselves playfully and authentically (and take a risk or two!).

While Venus rules money and relationships, it also has domain over values- which are intimately connected to both. Who we choose to enter relationships with says a lot about our values, as does how we spend our money. As people across the nation have spent the past week fantasizing about a billion dollar windfall they have no doubt pondered, What would I do if I won? How would I spend it? What would I change right away?

These are questions encouraged by this lunation- Why don’t we all live as through we are provided for? And take the actions we can take right now that will get us in better alignment with how we truly wish to live. This does not mean buying the sports car. It does mean taking stock of our emotional relationship to our possessions, our lifestyle, our obligations and lovingly shedding what we don’t want any longer. So that the new can enter and bring us some surprise and delight in the process.