The Cancer Full Moon 2018

This is a very powerful full moon at 0 degrees Cancer, that activates the strong emphasis in Cancer and Capricorn that we will all be experiencing through the series of eclipses and conjunctions in these signs in 2019 and 2020. You might say that the work we lay down now, at the beginning of this cycle and in the upcoming months lays the foundation for us in this deeply transformative time.

So it’s wise to return to the questions that the moon, and especially the moon in Cancer, is always looking to answer- What nurtures me? What supports me in my healthiest growth and development? How can I take care of myself, and my own efforts and creations better, so that I can have the most positive impact on others moving forward?

By reflecting on these questions we will be better poised to set a game plan for ourselves that feels positive and empowering in the coming months. And Capricorn, the sign that the sun is in- LOVES a game plan. Capricorn is the master strategist and long-term builder. So be thoughtful, realistic and practical in your assessments of what feels right to you and what you want to move forward with. This will pave the way for you to set some of these goals and strategies down on paper (or in stone!) at the time of the Capricorn new moon solar eclipse on January 5, 2019.

This full moon is in harmonious sextile to rebellious Uranus, now back in the late degrees of Aries. Who says that taking care of ourselves has to be boring or vanilla?! Uranus urges authenticity above all else, so don’t be afraid to break the mold in order to do what truly feels right for you on a deep primal level. And with loving Venus in Scorpio in a near perfect trine to spiritual Neptune in Pisces, you are getting lots of guidance from deep within. However, Mercury and Jupiter in generous Sagittarius squaring Mars and Neptune in Pisces, continues to urge us to not be overly expansive or relinquish our boundaries. Listen to the deep calls from within, but then filter that information through the loving wisdom of Cancer, and the pragmatic results-oriented refinement of Capricorn. You will be glad you did, when the positive results begin to manifest, rather than letting these sweet dreams float away.