Leo Full Moon Eclipse 2019

January 21, 2019 12:12 AM EST

Here we are – at the very end of the Leo/Aquarius eclipse group that began in February 2017. Much has happened since then, collectively and individually. These next six months, until July 2019, we have a chance to finalize the strides we have made and put an official period at the end of this chapter of our lives. Ideally we each will have found ways to better externalize our creativity and individuality (Leo) in a way that supports our own authenticity and also bolsters our connection to the collective and the contributions we can make to the greater whole (Aquarius). If we have had insights and impulses in that direction but have not yet taken the necessary action, the time is now.

Transformative Pluto is united with both practical Saturn and information-oriented Mercury at this eclipse, giving us a leg up on finding exactly the right strategy, and mode of expression for getting our message out there. With these planets in pragmatic Capricorn the emphasis is on being clear, concise and applicable. Though your goals and vision may be brilliant (Aquarius sun) and your heartfelt enthusiasm (Leo moon) is a determining factor in success, don’t get lost in soupy details or extraneous factors. Aim for the bullseye, which lofty Jupiter in Sagittarius can help you with.

Jupiter is also extremely strong, making it’s annual conjunction with the planet of love and money, Venus. This is an extra special conjunction since it occurs in Jupiter’s home sign of Sagittarius, and is also in the part of the sky known as the Great Attractor. The Great Attractor is located at 14 degrees 02 minutes of Sagittarius, and is the mega-black hole or quasar, that is pulling all galaxies (including our own) towards its massive gravitational force. While astronomers struggle to define or quantify this inexorably large and powerful object (or dark matter), astrologers have come to understand the significance of it’s degree as related to the power of wisdom, knowledge, consciousness and foresight. With Jupiter and Venus here, we are being invited to trust ourselves, and that nagging idea or intuition that is in the back of our minds. Only YOU have the accumulated information gathered from your lifetime, so only you know the exact right next steps for you. This potent Venus Jupiter aspect blesses us for the next 5 months to allow that wisdom and knowing to unfold in our own lives, walk the path it illuminates, and accept the blessings it brings.

With the Venus/Jupiter conjunction in tight square to Neptune at 14 degrees Pisces, we have an extra dose of spiritual insight into these matters in our lives. But also perhaps a temptation to over-idealization and escapism, especially if these qualities are constants in our lives. If you feel like you are especially prone to these shadow qualities of Neptune and Pisces, take extra care to ground yourself with nature and setting small but achievable goals.

Saturn and Mars are tightly square at 13 degrees Capricorn/Aries, indicating you may upset the status quo as you go about your business. But guess what- If you haven’t already noticed ‘upsetting the status quo’ is pretty much the main theme of this time period, stretching well into the next several years, so don’t hold yourself back from what you truly want because you may have to break some eggs to make your omelette.

The sun is also square Uranus at 28 degrees of Aries, and Pluto is re-engaged in it’s square with Uranus which dominated with astrological landscape between 2011 and 2016. We can think of this as one final round of insults being hurled across the parking lot, after the big fight is over and the various camps are retreating. Whatever unfinished business you have unpacking the conflict between power structures and authoritarian expectations (Pluto) and your own pressing unique needs and contributions (Uranus), now is the time to sort them out and ground down into your own truth and reality.

From here on out be prepared to carefully, but confidently, walk the talk and live the path you have chosen. Ideologies aside, the next few years require meaningful, however modest, action on the part of our most cherished goals and desires. Not everyone has to agree with you, but you are your own best ally and resource, and taking care of yourself so you can move forward with both stability and compassion under you belt, will serve you best.