Aries Year Ahead 2019

This year is going to feel like a very exciting, and perhaps overdue, fresh start for you. Since 2011, the planet of disruption and unexpected events, Uranus, has been in your sign. So the past 8 years may have felt like a bit of a roller coaster, and not necessarily always the fun kind! It’s possible that you embraced this energy and had major brainstorms and awakenings, shifting your life profoundly for the better. But it’s also possible that you felt like you were on the receiving end of a long line of disruptions, upsets and unpredictability.

What is wonderful is that now Uranus is officially in Taurus and won’t return to Aries for another 76 years- phew ! Now that Uranus is in Taurus, it is giving you some breathing room, but also encouraging you to be proactive, and maybe even a bit radical when it comes to making money and managing your resources. Take all of the lessons you have learned recently and brainstorm how you can make them work in your favor.

You’ll be aided in these efforts by another planet, Chiron, who has taken over the baton from Uranus and is now in your sign for the next 8 years. Chiron is associated with the healer archetype, so in the wake of Uranus’s upheaval, you have a wonderful opportunity for some deep soul work and healing. This may still feel a bit vague or unfamiliar to you, but in the next year you could catch your first glimpses of meaningful inner alchemical transformation. This will only grow stronger in the coming years! Pay attention to the subtle signals that your dreams and intuition are sending you and prioritize self-care.

It’s significant that there are two full moons in your opposite sign of Libra this year (usually there is only one). This is a beautiful invitation to set a new tone in your relationships, since Libra is the sign of balance and partnership. It’s likely that Uranus also may have created some drama in this part of your life so now you can have a bit of a do-over. Someone from the past could even come back, and as long as the circumstances are significantly altered, you may have more success this time. In any case, prioritize taking the long view in relationships and honoring the needs of all parties.

Travel is strongly highlighted this upcoming year. You may take a grand epic adventure, overseas and into the unknown. This will broaden your mind considerably. You could also be equally tempted by short jaunts to new places within a few hours of where you live. When you feel stuck, a change of scenery will pick you up. Education is also very favored now so do whatever you feel called to do as far as getting involved with degree programs, or more informal learning settings.

With powerful Pluto and realistic Saturn still together moving slowly in Capricorn, your vision for your role in the world and in your career is shifting. You are known for liking to move fast, but you’ll thrive the most with these energies when you can distill your motivations, your goals and your strategy deliberately and coherently. Staying true to your own instincts and vision helps you forge your path with confidence.

artwork by @_tillytheartist