Aries New Moon 2019

April 5 4:50 AM EST

This is an uplifting new moon that feels like a fresh start- perfectly apt for springtime. The sun and moon join together at 15 degrees of Aries, where they are in loose range of a gorgeous trine to optimistic Jupiter in fellow Fire sign Sagittarius. This fuels the positive momentum of the moment, and gets us all energized to put the bold plans we have been hatching over the past few weeks into effect. Especially since the lunation’s ruler, aggressive Mars, is now in fast paced Gemini. In fact you could want to take on way too much in the next few weeks! So remind yourself to pace yourself and finish one thing before starting another.

Many of the inner planets have spent a lot of time in Pisces in the early part of 2019, which has been stirring our imagination and creative resources. Verbal Mercury and romantic Venus are still in Pisces, clustered around mysterious Neptune. Don’t let your sudden urge for action and result, mean that you are tuning out the more delicate whispers of your intuition. They are still feeding you pure gold if you give yourself time to rest, daydream and meditate.

Uranus is now in Taurus, which is giving us clues to ways we may be wanting to update or augment our income, our financial planning, and our priorities. You don’t have to take action right away, but notice what is feeling like it no longer works, and begin considering your options for a re-boot.

The new moon is challenged by the dynamic duo of Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn. This is a long-standing theme that they are emphasizing in our lives, about taking responsibility. So again, regardless of how much enthusiasm Aries is feeding us all right now, our plans will take diligence and effort to manifest- which isn’t a bad thing! It just requires our acknowledgment and respect of this process, so we can get results that are as grounded and fruitful and we want them to be.