Leo New Moon 2019

July 31, 2019 11:12 PM EST

The Leo new moon is considerably more upbeat and positive than either of July’s intense eclipse lunations. However, with three powerful planets stationing, it still kicks off a month of revelation, change and re-alignment. Each new moon sets the energetic template of the upcoming 28 days and this month is about speaking, sharing, and applying the updated values and purpose that have been revealed by the recent eclipses.

The sun and moon unite at 8 degrees of Leo, beautifully conjunct love planet Venus at 5 degrees. We are being supported in our efforts to make heartfelt changes and adjustments that are in line with our sense of self-worth and deep values. Leo is connected to the heart energy, and our leadership abilities, and Venus wants us to take care of ourselves in every way possible. We will be cultivating and committing to new practices in self-care as well as authentic ways to share our love, support and appreciation with others.

The three planets that are stationing at the new moon are Mercury, Jupiter and Uranus. We shall take them one at a time. But first, what exactly is a station? Astrology is geo-centric, that is to say it observes the movement of the planets from the perspective of earth, our home. So while no planets actually ever move backwards, from our perspective here on earth they occasionally appear to (what we call retrograde). As a planet prepares to begin or end a retrograde, it’s apparent motion in the sky grinds to a halt, and it looks to virtually stand still. This is a station, and planets are considered extremely potent when they are at these rare points. Think of an actor in the middle of a stage standing still, about to commence or end a monologue- the attention of the room and the stage is focused on them and whatever they are trying to communicate.

Planets are considered to be stationing when they are in the EXACT degree in which they are about to begin retrograding or come out of their retrograde. So to have three planets stationing on the new moon in rather rare and powerful. In another metaphor, we can think of this as three ultra sleek sports cars, all lined up at the gas station; Mercury and Jupiter about to head home full of the inspiration they have gathered on their trip (re-commence direct motion) and Uranus is on it’s way to a new inner journey (about to go retrograde). They are drawing quite a bit of attention to themselves, and dominating the energy at this new moon.

Mercury is within an hour of turning direct at the time of the new moon, but is still retrograde, stationing and VERY powerful. It is not only so powerful because it is so close to it’s forward motion, but because the exact degree of the station 23’57 Cancer, is within seven minutes of arc from the degree of the most recent Capricorn lunar eclipse which occurred at 24’04 Cancer/Capricorn- in other words extremely close. So all month long we have Mercury reinforcing the themes of the Capricorn eclipse- work groups, VIPs, real estate, family, career, self-care, emotional support systems, home life balance, our tribes, our childhood, our career aspirations, our service in the world. Since Mercury is the planet of communication, and is still retrograde at this degree, we are still in a process of uncovering how to be more authentic in each of these area and course-correct where necessary, speaking our truth and making logistical adjustments as we go. Course-correction is more valuable now than commencing shiny new projects. (The positive work we do now also has a very meaningful ripple effect since this degree will be strongly re-activated throughout the upcoming year with the highly significant Pluto/Jupiter/Saturn conjunctions of 2020 taking place between 22-24 degrees of the Cancer/Capricorn axis).

While Mercury has only been retrograde for its customary 3 week stint (since July 7), Jupiter has been retrograde in exuberant Sagittarius since April 10th. Jupiter does not like to be slowed down, but since Sagittarius is such an excitable and fast-moving sign, even the retrograde of Jupiter did not slow him down very much. Rather this Jupiter retrograde worked on our behalf to consolidate and internalize much of the philosophical/political/spiritual growth that has been a key factor in many people’s lives since Jupiter entered the sign of the Philosopher King Sagittarius in November 2018. Since April we have been processing and upgrading our internal moral and spiritual compass so that we are re-directed to our true north. Jupiter’s ongoing square with nebulous and mystical Neptune has been assisting this process. We have a renewed sense of our own TRUTH that will light us up when Jupiter comes out of retrogade on August 11th at 14 degree Sagittarius (the degree where it is stationing at the time of the new moon).

This Jupiter station fuels our fire and gives us a strong boost of momentum since it is in trine to the new moon in Leo. And also because 14 degrees of Sagittarius is also another sensitive and highly significant degree, since it is the degree of the Great Attractor. For those who would like to learn more about the fascinating Great Attractor, I recommend the work of Philip Sedgwick, but suffice it to say here to that it is one of the most influential degrees of the zodiac and strongly correlated to both pre-cognition and manifesting. Again, sensitively and deliberately applying the lessons we have learned recently and focusing on how we would like this to shape our future, yields immediate and possibly magnificent results, right now.

The third and final planet that is stationing at the time of the new moon is Uranus, in earthy Taurus. Uranus is the modern ruler of Aquarius, and is considered to be the higher octave of communications planet Mercury, one of our other stationing friends. While Mercury is concerned more with tangible ideas, contracts, communications, correspondences in the everyday sort of way. Uranus is more concerned with the VIBRATIONAL and energetic signatures of thoughts, ideas, concepts, people, things- after all, everything has a vibrational signal. Uranus is stationing at 6 degrees of Taurus, where it will turn retrograde on August 11 (yes, the SAME day that Jupiter goes direct).

Uranus’ entire 7 year sojourn through Taurus, the most grounded and earthy of all of the signs, is about energetically re-writing (or RE-WIRING) our bodies, and our physical world, in an updated and upgraded way. Everything from banking and farming (two highly practical and grounded Taurean fields) to our bodies and DNA are being energetically and vibrationally modernized and modified. And some of the times that Uranus is doing its most potent work in Taurus is when it stations. This month is an excellent time to work with meditation, mantras and manifesting in order to consciously shift our vibration- especially since we have the Great Attractor on our side as well. However, with Uranus forming a tight square to the new moon, some of these upgrades and updates may disrupt our existing sense of pride in self and identity (Leo). Feel your way through any discomfort that arises, and recognized that being too insistent and forceful (with EITHER making changes or demanding things remain the same) is counter-productive and will not serve you. Uranus will remain retrograde, helping us to internally process these upgrades, until January 11, 2020 when it goes direct at 2 degrees of Taurus.

The potent energy of these three stations is the dominant focus all month. Pause and consider everything that has been happening and coming to the surface with these eclipses. There are three important actors on stage, not quarreling with one another, or engaged in a dramatic tug-o-war, but rather each intensely personally focused and determined to deliver THEIR message. What do you have to SAY ? Mercury wants to know. What is your TRUTH ? Jupiter is showing you. What VIBRATION are you sending the world ? Uranus is helping you understand and adjust. With Mars and Venus in Leo alongside the new moon, healthy self-regard and self-interest is your greatest ally in answering and expressing these realities clearly and powerfully without losing your sense of playfulness and joy.

Own your own dreams and destiny this month, and recognize that you create and re-create them every moment in the here and now. And keep a close eye on August 11th, the day that Jupiter goes direct, Uranus goes retrograde, and Mercury re-enters Leo. The sports cars have been tuned up, filled up, and are leaving the station- Where are you going?

* Image by Alexandr Zadiraka