Solar Eclipse in Capricorn December 2019

December 26, 2019 12:13 AM EST

This is an extremely powerful new moon solar eclipse, the final in a series of Capricorn solar eclipses that began in 2018. The eclipse sets the tone for the upcoming month, when we will see the rare exact conjunction between Pluto and Saturn (on January 12th), also in the sign of Capricorn. To say there is a strong emphasis on Capricorn right now would be an understatement!

Capricorn is the sign of the half-fish/half-mountain goat, scaling the heights of success and achievement from the depths of their deep internal drive. In it’s highest vibrational sense, Capricorn demonstrates single-minded ability to overcome obstacles with the resolve of their inner moral compass, determination and shrewd use of resources. At the low end of the spectrum, Capricorn can become pre-occupied by status, authority, power and materialism. At the moment we are confronting both ends of the spectrum at a collective as well as personal level.

Not only are the sun and moon in Capricorn at the time of the eclipse, but also Saturn and Pluto as we already mentioned, AND the planet of growth and opportunity Jupiter. Jupiter at 5 degrees is very close to the eclipse at 4 degrees. We have been learning a LOT since the Cancer/Capricorn eclipse series began in 2018, and now is our opportunity to put our learning and our new vision into action. A large amount of dismantling of the old has already happened (as transformative Pluto has urged us), and now we must begin to construct new structures, patterns of behavior and boundaries that are appropriate to our next chapter.

We are very supported in doing this- if we are willing to be totally honest and authentic with ourselves and others. Jupiter is related to the Truth, and its presence so close to the eclipse can expose falsehood and hypocrisy. We are wise to head this off by being as forthright as possible in all of our dealings. The eclipse is also in a tight trine to Uranus at 2 degrees of Taurus. Uranus urges authenticity and forward momentum. The internal sparks of newness and progress are stirring strongly within us, it is just a matter of whether we are willing to take the leap.

And just as Capricorn scales the mountains, we are required to take the leap, but we would be wise to ensure it is a sure-footed leap. Jupiter and Uranus want us to keep moving forward, but the heavy emphasis in patient Capricorn reminds us that each step towards our final destination counts and that strength, steadiness and endurance are more important than flash and spectacle.

And perhaps most important of all, we must know which direction we are headed. Nobody wants to be lost on top of the mountain. Over the course of the past year, our true goals, values and priorities have become increasingly clear, and now is the time to commit to our new path once and for all. It is commitment, after all, which is the fuel that catalyzes Capricorns’ ultimate success. Relationships, activities and ambitions that we cannot in earnest commit to, may fall away now. Especially because love planet Venus is in independent Aquarius and square to unpredictable Uranus. If others are not following our same unique path up the mountain, there may no longer be any way to bridge the gulf.

Mars, still in intense and passionate Scorpio, is giving us the necessary depth of emotion and assertion to follow through on these inner knowings: which path to follow, and what needs to be left behind. Packing lightly, and efficiently, is crucial for the trip up the mountain. If we have relationships that truly work, they are surely our most important asset on the journey, and hence some will be committing to their partnerships now in no uncertain terms. But there is no room for doubt and hesitancy on rough terrain, and all possessions, projects and relationships not up to snuff, may be left behind. This is an excellent time for an unusually invigorated and thorough house cleaning and organizational sweep.

With verbal Mercury still in jovial Sagittarius, we may miss the mark slightly as we express our truths and decisions now. Mercury in Sagittarius tends to be a bit insensitive with its delivery, and prone to making generalizations and being dogmatic. It’s less important how we share the news of what we are doing, and more important that we get on with it. So communications snafus are only a minor hinderance. But it is wise to watch for signs of dogmatism or unilateral thinking, in ourselves and others. And not to fall for the drama that ensues if we feel the need to engage in verbal battle. This type of behavior only detracts from the ammunition and focus we have at our disposal now.

Those of us who are prone to over-reaching or scattering our energy are well served now to keep this tendency in check, and perhaps even commit to a more streamlined approach in 2020. The Capricorn emphasis lasts all year long and the habits we set now will serve us well in the upcoming twelve months. This eclipse also reminds us of the physical energetic cost of our progress and ambitions. After all, there are ramifications to anything we choose to engage with- mentally and physically. We are to weigh the costs of our choices carefully now, as the results they yield may start to become evident more quickly and easily.

This eclipse sets the stage for an intense month when there may be challenges in both our immediate environment and on the world stage that could throw us off our balance, and our chosen path. Resolving to see obstacles as obstacles, and NOT as signs that we are on the wrong path, will help us stay strong and focused in our resolve. Which is truly the best gift we can give to ourselves and others now. When we remember that we have chosen our paths for good reason, and that we have all the tools and resources necessary for our success, we can thrive now and become a beacon of light for others as well.

*art by @indig0