New Moon in Pisces 2020

February 23 10:32 AM EST

This is a gorgeous and spiritual new moon that may surprise and delight us. The big story of the past few months (and years) has been the stack of planets, and energy, is earthy, pragmatic and conservative Capricorn. Though Pisces is a deeply watery, intuitive and empathetic sign, is it also a COMPLEMENTARY energy to Capricorn. On the zodiac wheel these two are sextile to each other (60 degrees apart), and the sextile aspect offers support and opportunity.

How exactly does Pisces support Capricorn? And what opportunities are available here? Well for starters- Pisces is connected to our feeling senses, and specifically those feeling senses that bring us back in touch with the one-ness/wholeness/divinity of all life. This is something that lower vibrational Capricorn can forget- being overly absorbed in appearances, status and the bottom line. But high vibrational Capricorn has tremendous spiritual capacity, rooted primarily through its connection with nature, and ability to grasp the utility of things in its environment.

On December 25th/26th we had a powerful new moon solar eclipse at 4 degrees of Capricorn. This new moon falls at 4 degrees of Pisces, in exact sextile to the eclipse. Because solar eclipse energy lasts for a full SIX MONTHS, that is really the new moon that set the tone for us until June 2020. Now is an ideal time to review the goals and objectives we set for ourselves around that time, as well as the energetic message of that eclipse.

Interestingly, bold Mars, is now at exactly 4 degrees of Capricorn. Mars is highly powerful in this placement for several reasons. First of all, it is Out Of Bounds. This gives it liberation to express in an unfettered way, despite the fact that Capricorn tends to stick to the tried-and-true. Mars is also in the sign of its exaltation, which makes it likewise very formidable and focused. Additionally, it is powerful because it is on the exact degree of the eclipse activating our ability to take action on what we set into motion, or began to envision as possible for ourselves, at the end of 2019. Mars is also in nearly exact trine to change-agent Uranus at 3 degrees of Taurus, helping it to express in a visionary way. And finally, Mars is closely conjunct the south node of the moon (exact on February 25th). This is a peak moment in the story of the past few years of reappraisal and realism that we have all be experiencing. Since the South Node rules our karmic past, now is perhaps a dramatic and definitive opportunity for us to shed what we are TRULY ready to release once and for all. There will be NO planets (besides the moon) conjunct the South Node again until December.

Echoing the theme of release and catharsis, the sun and moon at 4 degrees Pisces are conjunct Mercury retrograde at 9 degrees of Pisces. We all likely have a pretty good idea at this point, what we are being asked to let go of, as well as what we are being tasked with committing to. But not so fast! While the diligent and pragmatic side of our personality offers us answers to these questions, there are other answers too- deeper answers. Mercury retrograde in Pisces, conjunct the new moon, AND conjunct the new moon’s co-ruler, spiritual Neptune, is presenting us with these answers. And they are most certainly not what we expect. In fact they may come with a whole new set of questions! No matter- our job here is to LISTEN. Our feelings/intuition/subconscious is bringing us very important messages. We don’t want to “miss” this additional information about what needs to be released, or seen differently, right now.

Jupiter is the other co-ruler of Pisces, and as such the co-ruler of this new moon. Jupiter has been on a tear in Capricorn, moving all the way up to 18 degrees, where it is now conjunct both Saturn and Pluto. This is the 3rd new moon we have had since Jupiter entered Capricorn, but the first since it has been within range of the ultra-potent Saturn Pluto conjunction.  The effect here will really depend on how well we have been tending to our ‘work’ that Saturn/Pluto have been requiring of us. If we have been diligent and consistent in ‘cleaning up our act’ both spiritually and practically- Jupiter could be bringing us rewards. If we have been in denial or procrastination of what needs to be done (lower vibrational Pisces specialities), then issues could get worse. Jupiter, after all, magnifies everything it touches.

So then, we must take care to keep on top of what we need to do, but from an intuitive Piscean angle, rather than exclusively from a hard nosed Capricornian angle. Balancing this may not necessarily be the easiest of tasks but we are up to it. Our greatest challenge may come from impatience. Venus, goddess of harmony and abundance, is weak in this chart. She may be uncharacteristically pushy and immature, thanks to her placement in impulsive Aries, square to the Capricorn stellium (Jupiter/Saturn/Pluto).

It is important that we take our time now, to listen, so that we can then act strategically and effectively. If we can do that, we may very well find ourselves in a very different place a month from now, grateful for the whispers and gifts this spiritual lunation has brought us.

*artwork from @maxfromtax