Full Moon in Aquarius 2020

August 3 11:59 AM EST

This is an interesting full moon, that at once provides us some respite from the unrelenting grind of recent eclipses, while also releasing us from some of the “politesse” we have been trying to muster as we adapt and transform.

Granted, politesse- or the veneer of politeness- for many went out the window months ago as the “war of the words” (and world views) picked up steam around the time the North Node moved into Gemini. Mug-slinging became a favored pastime for many. And the thin line between exposing hypocrisy and abuse, and indignant finger-pointing became ever more blurred. Self-righteous aggressiveness has also reached new heights through the hot-headed encouragement of Mars in Aries for the entire 2nd half of 2020.

Others have tried to maintain dignity, decorum and balance throughout this time, recognizing the need for change while at once not wanting to throw out the baby with the bathwater. There is no road map here, so we have had varying levels of success as we try to blend the old with the new and locate ourselves within in.

And that is exactly what this full moon is giving us space and opportunity to do. Namely, by giving us permission to throw off the shackles of old ways of being that feel constricting and outdated- not via the intense regeneration process of Pluto- but via rebel Uranus’ “now you see it now you don’t” energy.

Aquarius, the sign of the full moon, is associated with both radical individuality and group consciousness. The higher vibrational aspect of Aquarius asks us to claim our own authenticity in order to find our right place within the whole. Uranus, as the ruler, of Aquarius, liberates us from tradition by electrifying us with what is new and what is possible. That is our invitation this month.

At this full moon, the sun and moon oppose each other at 11 degrees of Leo and Aquarius (respectively), and they are both being tightly squared by Uranus at 10 degrees of Taurus. As radical and rebellious as it is, Uranus has taken a bit of a back seat in 2020, overshadowed by the massive re-structuring that the Saturn/Pluto in Capricorn conjunction has brought to our global institutions.

Make no mistake, Uranus in Taurus is very much a crucial underlying part of this restructuring, it is just singing its song in backup vocals for the moment. But it takes center stage again briefly during this full moon, which almost has a “breath of fresh air” energy about it during this time of dirty laundry being aired all around us. Aquarius is after all an air sign, and Uranus revitalizes its environment through a jolt of electricity.

Uranus is also extremely powerful at the time of the full moon because it is stationing to go retrograde on August 15th. That means it has slowed down, nearly to a grinding halt, in the sky as it prepares to ‘go backwards’ until mid-January 2021. Stationing planets are considered highly exalted and meaningful. So if Uranus is coming back on the scene for these two weeks to make its presence known, what exactly is the message?

At 10 degrees of Taurus, it is just barely out of trine range of the stellium of Jupiter/Pluto/Saturn in Capricorn. It is as though there is a tantalizing aroma of what can come in the future, but we can’t quite get close enough right now to make it out. Instead we are resigned to the continued task of releasing the old and holding a high vision and vibration for the future, even if we are still deeply uncertain of what that will look like.

We still have old piles of “junk” we need to sort through before we get there, and this full moon wants to help us feel a little less swamped/sentimental/overwhelmed by it all. Aquarius is also, after all, the most impartial and unsentimental of the signs. Having spent much of the summer swimming in the highly emotional and subjective waters of Cancer, the Aquarius full moon encourages us to just let go and get on with it- again politesse and pretense be damned.

Aquarius has another ruler besides Uranus, which is of course, Saturn. This dual rulership makes Aquarius an especially fascinating sign- navigating reality with one foot in the old (Saturn) and one foot in the new (Uranus), just as many of us find ourselves now.

Saturn, at the time of the full moon, is at 27 degrees of Capricorn in exact opposition to Mercury at 27 degrees of Cancer. This is another indication that we have had enough mollycoddling. Not that it is ever ok to be cruel (it isn’t), but Mercury in Cancer opposed by Saturn is also a message that we are to stop babying ourselves and each other, and stop beating around the bush. Clear, direct communication, even about sensitive matters is what will help us clear the air and rinse the dirty laundry right now.

So we can give ourselves permission in the upcoming 2 weeks as this lunation holds prominence, to drop the pretenses and over-emotionalism, and get on with doing what we know feels right for us. Uranus is giving us that clarity and inner sense of knowing: it’s up to us to act on it and follow through.

*Art by @indg0