Full Moon in Gemini 2021

December 18 11:36 PM EST

This full moon is still within the window of “eclipse season” which began way back with the new moon in Scorpio on November 4th, and continues until the upcoming new moon in Capricorn on January 2nd. This potent two month long eclipse season is serving as a cusp time as we shift between the nodal axis in Gemini/Sagittarius (as it has been since May 2020) and the nodal axis in Taurus/Scorpio (where it will officially shift to on January 18, 2022). This eclipse season has had eclipses in both sets of signs, with the lunar eclipse on November 19th falling in Taurus, as well as the total solar eclipse in Sagittarius on December 4th. This full moon, while it falls within the energetics of eclipse season, is itself not an eclipse since the full moon is at 27 degrees of Gemini and the North Node of the moon is now at 1 degree of Gemini, well outside of the 15 degree orb of proximity to qualify as an eclipse. But this full moon is also in many ways a swan song of the Gemini North Node and a chance to reflect on all of the lessons we have learned since the North Node entered Gemini in May 2020.

Since then, there has been a huge amount of emphasis on Gemini themes such as news, information, communication, “fake news”, competing narratives, media, “sources”, social media, neighborhoods and education. We may find ourselves now living in different neighborhoods than we lived in in May 2020 (we may have moved geographically, or our neighborhood itself could have undergone a drastic shift). We have likely decided which new sources and narratives feel “honest or truthful” to us, and recognized that other people often have very different sources, ideas, and information. Our relationship to the media or social media may have shifted. But perhaps what is most important here is COMMUNICATION. It is HOW we communicate with others, given the wildly divergent ideas/news/narratives that have multiplied during this Gemini North Node timeframe, that is most significant and telling. Needing to be right or to force our narrative on others means we still have some work to do during this full moon cycle, and this is the perfect opportunity to do so. In its highest vibrational sense, Gemini is able to share ideas and information with clarity and neutrality and allow others to come to their own conclusions. If we can personally wish for one thing as we wrap up this significant Gemini chapter (the North Node won’t be in Gemini again for 17 years) then it is to find a way to communicate about our ideas and what is important to us with directness, and not take others responses or differing perspectives personally (especially as we head into the holiday season ;)).

Mercury, Gemini’s ruler and hence the ruler of the lunation, is at 8 degrees of pragmatic Capricorn. This is will help us have a steady hand when it comes to sharing with others- after all Capricorn is a master as not wasting emotional energy on dead ends. Being economical and practical with what we share and with whom will serve us well. Having “realistic expectations” is also very Capricornian so in the next two weeks, its important to keep ourselves grounded, rather than fall prey to the invitation to get into heated debates or wanting/expecting others to be different than how they are.

Active Mars, at 4 degrees of Sagittarius, is close to the South Node of the moon at 1 degree Sagittarius. The South Node is connected to our karmic past and patterns from the past. That makes the invitation to “fall back” into old behaviors and dramas even more alluring. And the sign of Sagittarius itself, a headstrong fire sign, tends to leap before looking. We would be wise to watch where we want to jump into situations or be forceful in our conversations, so that we can cool off first and take a step back.

The moon itself is square to Neptune (at 20 degrees Pisces) and trine to Jupiter (at 28 degrees Aquarius). The moon square nebulous Neptune is a good reminder that we may not be seeing everything clearly, or the whole picture of the situations before us, so not to make assumptions. However, like Mars in Sagittarius, the moon trine Jupiter temps us to charge forward with our assumptions! Jupiter is larger than life, and as the ruler of Sagittarius, has a tendency to be grandiose. The moon trine Jupiter can stir up our generosity and playfulness during these two weeks, but it can also push us to blowing things our of proportion. Once again, keeping an even keel is the best reprieve.

But that may be easier said than done. Especially because the final, and perhaps most significant aspect of this full moon, is Venus at 26 degrees of Capricorn stationing and about to turn retrograde and make a second pass over Pluto at 25 degrees of Capricorn. Venus is exactly conjunct Pluto on December 11th and then slows to a crawl, stationing at 26 degrees from the 14th until it finally turns retrograde on the 19th. It stays at 26 degrees (first direct and then retrograde) for a full TEN DAYS, from the 14th until the 24th (by contrast, Venus usually goes through all 30 degrees of a sign in about three weeks). Venus unites with Pluto for a second time, in retrograde, on Christmas day. After Venus turns direct on January 29th, it moves forward through Capricorn once again and unites with Pluto for a 3rd and final time on March 3rd. During this final conjunction with Pluto on March 3rd, Mars is also EXACTLY conjunct Venus and Pluto. So what we are experience now, around the time of this full moon is certain to resurface again in early March.

Venus conjunct Pluto is the signature of big changes in the realm of romance, finances, priorities, and power. Transparency, or lack thereof, is a key factor. As are power imbalances, “shadow material”, and manipulation. If we have been less than truthful in certain areas of our life, the repercussions of that could show up now. If we are playing games or trying to manipulate people or situations, things could be brought to the light. If others are trying to deceive or take advantage of us, we could wise up. Collectively, there could be shakeups (big ones) in power structures or financial institutions. Again, we may not see the writing on the wall or have clarity on any of this until March, but what is underway now are the early dominoes falling that can (and will) have a major impact down the line. So whatever situations we find ourselves in the upcoming weeks (and months) its wise to take a cue from Gemini and communication as clearly, truthfully and neutrally as possible, lest we be caught in some kind of spider web that is challenging to get out of.

If relationships or financial situations in our lives are untenable, issues will be forced now. Breakups and makeups, lovers from the past resurfacing, and unresolved situations bubble up during periods like this so that Pluto can work its transformative magic. Nothing can be healed or resolved or recalibrated until we are willing to own it and acknowledge it, so tap into Gemini’s intelligence and observational skills to navigate these potentially bumpy or uncomfortable situations. Staying in neutrality as much as possible, and being willing to allow things to shift, adjust, transform, puts us in the right kind of powerful position: one that rests on integrity, honesty and good communication.

*art by @diztantdreamer